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Ole Rossing, CIO of CFH Markets and TradeTech Group is joining the advisory board of COHERRA FinTech.

It has taken numerous conversations about the transformation of the brokerage & banking industry and where COHERRA’s communication platform and data intelligence can deliver a competitive edge to a new digital realm.

Ole has a unique combination of skillsets and a stellar track record. He has a very deep technical understanding,  a curious and bold mindset combined with common sense of how to develop a variable business model around it.

Ole was fundamental to the technological development of Saxo Bank where he worked together with COHERRA founder, Soren Haestrup . With his team Ole build one of the first trading platforms for currencies when none existed and for an industry he had no experience in. From building the technological tracks of a now USD 1.5 bln market value bank Ole continued to a FinTech start-up, CFH Markets in 2008. They successfully sold the company to PlayTech group for USD 125 mln in 2016 and Ole is today CIO in CFH Group and CFH Systems and the head of IT security in the buyer, TradeTech Group.

Soren Haestrup, Founder:

“ I’m sincerely excited about having Ole onboard. Ole was leading the IT team on the floor downstairs from the trading floor in Saxo Bank where I was working. For years we had very little idea of what magic Ole and his team was creating downstairs. From a traders perspective the general understanding was that the money made upstairs was blindly being thrown down the staircase to a very smart and quiet bunch of people. Secondly that we shouldn’t challenge them in math. It was the very transformation of our business and within years they outgrew us not only in numbers of employees but accelerated the revenue and reach. We have stayed in contact since our Saxo Bank days and I’m confident that what Ole also sees in COHERRA is something that will initially compliment and later change an industry. An industry in a circular transformation and that we both know in detail”.