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Every moment in business happens only once. Ours happened 2 years ago as we saw a capital markets industry locked in its old ways while the internet, mobile, video streaming and machine learning were already unlocking massive value and changing the playing fields across many other industries.

So we set out to reimagine how investment products are distributed, discovered and presented. We set out to envision a different and better future, bringing down the barriers between asset managers and investors and raising the bar for the way we engage one another.  A future in which asset managers compete on relevant and inspiring investor engagement and unique investor insights, and where investors seamlessly access a global pool of relevant investment opportunities, perspectives and insights delivered in fresh and engaging formats.

Amazingly two years have already passed since our inception. Today, we have on-boarded 15 asset managers and 8 banks and brokers onto our platform. And we are really just getting started. Building upon the playbooks of Netflix, Spotify and LinkedIn, Coherra is poised to become the platform that brings together the global capital markets community to unlock new value for all participants. With a critical mass of actors and activity on Coherra, asset managers will be able to determine what investment products they should be offering to which segments, and how they should position these to convert investors. Investors will be able to discover new opportunities and relevant investment themes without drowning in noise, based on our understanding of their preferences, interests and goals. And other players in the eco-system such as business media and financial advisors will be able to source and provide content, and develop their businesses based on data-driven customer segmentation, trend identification and engagement optimization powered by Coherra data.