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Soren Haestrup
Founder & CEO

Søren Haestrup is a hedge fund manager and the founder of Coherra. Soren has more than 20 years of experience in banking and financial markets as a CIO in the hedge fund Quattro Capital.

Søren has an eye for innovation within the industries he operates and was part of the team that lead Saxo Bank in the 1990’s from a local broker to a global institution through an early determination to digitalise and democratisation. His entrepreneurial mindset and the discovery of new cryptographic tools made Soren become the lead in a syndicate for a new fintech venture in 2016 –  Coherra Platform and Coherra Blockchain Asset Management.
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Marc Adler
Chief Technology Officer

Chief Architect/CTO/VP of Engineering/Senior Manager who still loves to keep his hands dirty by coding. Marc Adler is the former Chief Architect of Citigroup, MetLife, ADP and Citadel Investments.

Technologies: Enterprise Architecture, microservices, real-time processing, Microsoft .NET, Linux, C++, C#, Typescript/Javascript, Java, Scala, Akka, Python, NodeJS, Apache Kafka, Tibco EMS, Tibco RV, ActiveMQ, MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Azure, AWS, Gemfire, Complex Event Processing (CEP), Git, Clearcase, Perforce, Team Foundation Server, JUnit, NUnit, Jenkins, Cruise Control, Maven, SQL Server, Sybase, Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana.
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Miguel Gouveia
Legal & Compliance

Miguel Gouveia is a Legal Counsel, in corporate, commercial, business and tax affairs. Miguel has more than a decade of experience in the commercial and financial environment working with global optimization and integrations for international corporate entities.

He is a Portuguese national and graduated as lawyer from the Thames Valley University in 1997 and Aarhus University in 2000.
Miguel has been focused on wealth management and corporate structure throughout his carrier and lead the architecture for legal and compliance with COHERRA in London, Copenhagen and Porto.
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Tudor Nastasa
Digital Designer

Problem-oriented Software Developer, with a background in Digital Design, who worked with web development, visual design & UI for companies like high-end furniture brands, Copenhagen-based local TV channels and FinTech startups.

Tudor has strong organisational skills and his focus within COHERRA is represented by areas such as web and graphic design and even online marketing campaigns. He currently studies a MSc programme in Software Development at the IT University of Copenhagen.
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Mika Yasuoka
COHERRA Lab (Japan)

PhD in Computer Science | With a background in Media studies, Computer Science, Information Science and Interaction Design Mika joins Coherra to bridge our Danish led tech developing team with our Japanese initiatives and collaborations.

Mika Yasuoka brings experience from leading Living Lab project, Parenting IT project, and others. Her projects has mainly been conducted in collaboration with universities (Kyoto U, Keio U, Shibaura U), companies (NTT, KOKUYO, Tokyu), institutions (KDDI Research, Nomura Research, GLOCOM, JETRO) and public organisations (Japanese Ministries).

Specialties: Computer Supported Intercultural Collaboration, Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, User Interface, Collective creativity, Group ware. デンマークの電子政府と電子政策

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Laura D'Angeli
Content Administrator

Laura D’Angeli has experience in video editing and content creation, having taken part in the backstage of some international film festivals in the past few years.

With a background in the art and film world, she is currently studying Film and Media Studies at KU – University of Copenhagen, and thus she has fostered her interest in the media, with specific concerns on online platforms.
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Michael Ha
UX Designer

Michael Ha is a creative UX/UI Designer who specializes in UX design, UI design, interaction design and product development. Michael graduated with a MSc in ICT Product Development from Aarhus University in early 2016. He has experience working in start-ups environment and building Minimal Viable Products.

Michael brings pragmatic experience with developing the look-and-feel of products/services and developing new innovative concepts through lean-startup methods. He has a background in computer science and human-computer interaction. As result, he has knowledge of software development methods, and can seamlessly bridge the design and software development teams. He has also worked on academic projects for international companies such as Adecco and Volkswagen.
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Yusuke Kanzaki
Business Development

To support and accelerate the Japanese adoption of the COHERRA vision, we welcome our newest member to our team, Yusuke Kanzaki.

Mr. Kanzaki who holds a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA will lead our progress in Tokyo and link between our customers, partners and innovation initiatives.
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Alexander Kristensen

Alexander is experienced in project management, business development, startups, finance, investments and financial services. He has been working in the financial sector for +3 years and he started his own business. He helps ICOs/STOs with marketing-strategy, token-economics, compliance and much more in blockchain and crypto-space.

With a background in Finance and investment, he is currently studying a BA in Finance and Investment at Copenhagen Business Academy, and thus he has fostered his interest in Finance with specific concerns on Innovation, Business development and FinTech.
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Philip Kopman
Product Owner

A uniquely positioned professional bringing 18+ years of experience with leading organizations. 

Philip comes with a strong background from working with Santander, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank.
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Rasmus Grønning Hansen
Business Strategist

Rasmus has worked with strategy, growth and ventures for 20 years and is the managing partner in his own company, Strategy Office.

His company helps other businesses develop and execute ambitious growth and transformation strategies.
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Charles Hoskinson

is a Colorado based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. His professional experience includes founding three Cryptocurrency related start-ups- Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK- and a variety of colorful positions in the public and private sector.

He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder to study Analytic Number Theory prior to moving into cryptography via industry exposure. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in September of 2013. His current projects focus on education of cryptocurrency topics, evangelism of decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream and the lead of the research center for blockchain technology at Edinburgh University.
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Robert Allen

is working with PwC Australia Fintech leader and was founder of PwC’s first blockchain business, Vulcan Digital Asset Services. Robert is Chartered Software Engineer with 30 years’ experience where 18 was in Financial Services Technology and Business consulting with Credit Swiss and Nordea.

Beside being co-founder and CEO of PwC’s Vulcan Digital Asset Services Robert is a Board Member in Australian Payments Council (APC). Industry Advisor, Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) and Chair, PwC’s Global Digital Identity working group.
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Hiroshi Nishino

Mr. Nishino brings a distinct expertise on digitalization and business development in Japan and we are honoured that he continues supporting our initiative.

Mr. Nishino will assist Coherra and our Tokyo team, in particular, to achieve our vision and ambitions in the Coherra Japanese venture.
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Kai Cheng

previously worked on Wall Street as an EMFX trader in global investment bank. He left his job to start DigixGlobal in 2014, a blockchain company that puts digital gold ownerships on the blockchain.

He was an International Program student at Upenn – Wharton and graduated with honors from NYU – Stern, graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Finance and Economics.
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Dianna Raedle

is the President and CEO, Founder and Managing Director of Deer Isle Group and is responsible for advisory, business development, and investments activities.

Deer Isle Group is an advisory and investment firm specialized in emerging markets and special situations. Deer Isle has raised approximately $5 billion in assets and has advised numerous companies and funds with regard to their strategy, structure and capital raising.
Dianna is on the Board of Directors for the Harvard Business School Club of New York and is Board Emeritus for the Harvard Business School Club of New York Community Partners program. In addition, she is a mentor and teaches a workshop for the Princeton University Keller Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship. She is also a 2011 winner of the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge, sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.
Dianna has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Princeton University. She has Series 3, 7, 24, 63, 99 and 79 Registrations.
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Michael Møller

is the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva. Mr. Moller has over 35 years of experience as an international civil servant in the United Nations.

He began his career in 1979 with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and worked with UNHCR in different capacities in New York, Iran, Mexico, Haiti and Geneva.
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Sacha Pictet

Sacha Pictet is a Partner at FPP Asset Management LLP (FPPAM) overseeing private equity investments and actively managing a UK investment trust that invests in eastern Europe.

FPPAM is a UK Asset Manager founded in London in 1998 specialising in investments in global emerging markets. Sacha joined FPPAM in 2008 and has just under 9 years overseeing investments in European private equity for FPPAM. Sacha’s skill proficiency include investment and portfolio management, valuation, asset allocation and diversification, qualitative research and analytics, financial modelling and corporate structure construction. Sacha speaks native French and English and has good working knowledge of Russian and Spanish.
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Ole Rossing

With a rich experience as a CIO in Saxo Bank, CFH Group and entrepreneurship, Ole Rossing is specialised in business consulting and software solutions for the financial sector with focus on retail customers.

Some of the roles he has is to develop and run needed computer systems, creating sales channels and to combine engineering skills with financial business.
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Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen brings with him a wealth of global experience from the rise of the mobile industry till today’s new and emerging streaming and big data technologies.

Prior to joining COHERRA, Michael was the COO/CFO of a streaming platform company and was as well VP of business development of scientific marketing company. Previously, he spent 16 years in a variety of General Management and CFO roles at Ericsson based in both the US and Europe.
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Mikael Munck

has more than 20 years experience as leader and executive in the international technology, financial technology space with extensive international, multi-cultural exposure.

Experienced in running companies as CEO, Technology departments as CIO and as Global Head several cross-organizational units with direct responsibility for 800+ people. For the last 20 years, he has been working with companies like SAXO Bank, Seier Capital Denmark, SunGard and Dansk IT. He is currently CEO of 2021.AI, an advanced technology and advisory company, chairman of Copenhagen Fintech and board member at Baffin Bay Networks.
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Josef Assad

Is an enterprise consultant with substantial IT experience. He has a special focus on open source technology and consultation around open technology strategy.

During the years, he worked as an IT Architect for KMD, Rambøll Informatik, Assistant CEO for IT Synergy and as a Technical Architect for the Danish Agency for culture.
Industry experience includes bilateral and multilateral development agencies (UNDP, Italian Cooperation, etc.) as well as the public sector (ministries, public agencies, etc.) in addition to the private sector.
Broader consultation experience across many domains including open source, microfinance, FMCG, higher education, enterprise IT architecture and strategy, information systems development and maintenance facilitation, etc.
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Jørgen Hauglund

Jørgen Hauglund comes with a rich experience from SAXO Bank, where he worked as Executive Director, being responsible with business lines management, commercial performance analysis & reporting, budget, operating efficiency, commercial systems and incentive structures.

He is currently Managing Director for Seier Capital Denmark A/S and for HACON – Business Consultancy.
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Suzanne Lauritzen

has been in the tech space for more then 20 years. She has a Master from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Boston University, now an External Lecturer in Innovation at CBS, teaching Entrepreneurship and Platform Design Management.

Professionally Suzanne was founder of LogBuy (DK & UK) in the early 2000s – an Employee Engagement Platform sold to VISMA and Reward Gateway in 2016. Recently founded a new venture within chat-bots and AI.
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