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COHERRA Dashboard

Dear Coherra Stake Holder,

Project Coherra continues to advance with new components falling into place weekly. Here’s the latest: now you can follow our progress in real time with our new intranet site, exclusive to Coherra investors and other stake holders.

This custom portal is where staff, partners and investors can keep up with each other, share the latest developments, address concerns and provide input. This is a very small group with access tightly controlled in order that we can communicate frankly and safely.

The portal is also where you can view our organizational structure and learn more about Coherra team members. We’ll have a calendar of our visits to Singapore, India, China and elsewhere as we comb the continents, forging vital connections and strategic alliances.

As things progress, we’ll be posting video content pertaining to our global ventures and our international search for innovative, high yield potentials we forecast will arise as the financial universe comes to understand that block chain is here to stay.

Coherra is the bridge between tradition and cutting-edge innovation in the world of financial services. Through a network of strategic alliances throughout tech and finance, Coherra Investments will self-distinguish through a combination of hard-target marketing and rapid deployment compliance across nations.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Yours truly,

The Coherra Team

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