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  • pwc, zurich, office 18.07.2019

    After a series of meetings with #investors and clients in Zürich yesterday, Søren Haestrup visited an old colleague from Saxo Bank, Frederik Gregaard in PwC Innovation.

    It is not a regular PwC office to say the least and the ambitions and drive Frederik has infused to this giant is impressive.

    PwC Innovation has been building multiple digital banks, robo-advisors, virtual reality car sales software and much more so it made perfect sense to test the COHERRA vision with Frederik.

    Synchronicity was clear, vision and approach aligned. We really look forward working closer with PwC innovation in Zürich and picking the brain of Frederik.

  • 17.07.2019

    Inspired and serviced investors – Being Delivered

    For financial institutions segmentation is the key parameter for engagement and activation of  your investors. Investors expect to be serviced digitally and have it personalized reflecting the asset class, language, length and format of their preferences. The ability to deliver qualified segmentation from high quantity of content is fundamental to motivate and inspire investors of today.

    From the minds of the smartest investors from all over the world, COHERRA’s catalog of content matches investors with global financial entertainment of their choice.

    Reach out to COHERRA to learn how you inspire your investors to make informed decisions.

  • 11.07.2019

    New Partnership

    We are very pleased to introduce our new partnership with the visionary Deer Isle Group in New York.

    COHERRA has worked closely with CEO Dianna Raedle since our early days and is extremely proud of the new collaboration to help Asset Managers connect with relevant investors.

    Since inception Deer Isle Group has raised more than USD 5 bln for various asset managers and strategies and bring a deep understanding of the premises for successful distribution to a very niche orientated market. The Deer Isle team delivers a range of stellar services and provide a digital access to the more than 10.000 institutional investors who they service.

    With the attitude of collaboration and execution of value driven services for customers, COHERRA’s Pioneer Members now can gain access to premium services of Dianna Raedle’s team in Deer Isle Group.

    COHERRA will use the partnership to expand our reach and enter the US fund management market. Further it inspires us to expand our COHERRA team in the US over the summer. More to come in this note.

    To learn more about the services of Deer Isle and how you can gain access to the US institutional market contact us on

  • 4.07.2019


    Progressive Capital, a Swiss based boutique Niche investor in the alternative space are innovating on all aspects of their business.

    From distribution, asset allocation to reporting.

  • 2.07.2019


    In a podcast with leading Danish business newspaper Børsen, one of the global leaders of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Mai-Britt Poulsen points to three global mega trends. She predicts how established companies will work in ecosystems with new platform-based companies to advance their offerings.

    COHERRA is designed and perfectly positioned to become part of the future #FinancialServices ecosystem. We build the World’s most comprehensive collection of #investment opportunities for fund- and #AssetManagers in the World – and deliver solutions as CaaS and SaaS.

  • 28.06.2019

    In the past two weeks the COHERRA DK team attended Copenhagen FinTech Week and Fund Forum International.

    Two significant events for our industry bringing an impressive number of innovators and thought leaders to Copenhagen.

    We have engaged, met, debated, presented and hosted partners and progressive thinkers in the HQ and we thank everybody who organized and visited.

    Follow up next week.

    Have a great weekend.

  • AI, machine learning 28.06.2019

    COHERRA’s perspective on Artificial Intelligence in finance.

    Sonic boom in startups innovating AI-based business models.

    Coherra scale-up AI team: Machine Learning powered engine connects investors with relevant investment themes. Read more –>

  • finance, event, scandinavia 26.06.2019

    We are grateful and delighted to be invited to Scandinavian Night Event at The Balanchine Lounge – Hotel Nimb.

    Our CEO Søren Haestrup attended this excellent opportunity to connect and network with new and old colleagues in the fund industry.

  • 13.06.2019

    Fintech is thriving and Coherra is looking forward to connect with partners and innovators in our hometown of Copenhagen.

  • dianna raedle 6.06.2019

    Last week, COHERRA advisor Dianna Raedle (Harvard MBA 1993) & Daniel Morrel from Harvard Business School discussed the Bitcoin phenomenon. Cryptocurrency has now become an integral asset in macro-economics, infrastructure and investment portfolios.

    As COHERRA expands to provide financial services to the asset management industry through our entry to the US market, we are excited by the great work that Dianna Raedle and Deer Isle Group, LLC continue to create.

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What do others say about us

I love what you are doing, bringing investment opportunities in a well thought out, easy to navigate technology to a target market that has been ignored or under marketed in the past.

- Top trader with +30 years experience, turning to tech

I am really fascinated by the approach that Coherra has taken in reinventing a platform that provides sellers and fund managers opportunities to enhance their reach into the market. The access to the funds that Coherra provides through its innovative platform is absolutely marvellous. The ecosystem established with well-known partners is only going to drive the growth further. Wishing Coherra very best !!!

- Amit Ranjan

IBM Japan

As a quant manager in a digital centric institution such as Saxo Bank I quickly recognized the opportunity and the value Coherra bring to the industry. Connectivity and data orientated services does not only accelerate our reach to new markets and investors it leverages and optimize the distribution of our research and services

- Steen Jakobsen

CIO at SAXO Bank

Digital Business Innovation Centre is an organization to enhance open innovation over the wide range of 34 of the leading companies in Japan. We have been an early watcher of the Coherra vision and I support the Japanese market initiative with some of our members since the very beginning.


- Hiroshi Nishino

DBIC Japan

Social networking has changed dramatically the way we communicate over the last few years, as a new fintech, Coherra is trying to bring the Fund Management space to this area and DIF is very happy to participate on this journey.

- Paulo Pinto

DIF Broker

We at More Invest are very happy to participate in the Coherra funds project. The way of communicating with investors has been changed dramatically over the last few years and we think that Coherra could in the future accelerate that change.

- Carlo Moratelli

More Invest

We at Yen Capital Advisors India have developed a great relationship with Coherra. The platform is immersive, with the ability to showcase and distribute the marketing content of potential partners in a cost effective manner. Coherra's creative approach and attention to detail is their standout achievement, and we look forward to increasing the depth and scope of our relationship.

- Yen Capital Advisors


We at Mozaique Fund Management (Luxembourg) immediately decided to join Coherra for the following main reasons:
- it is an amazingly wide and cost-effective marketing and promotional platform for us towards potential investors from all over the world;
- the system is very straight forward and an easy-to-use-innovation in the rather traditional business of professional investments;
- the integration of all the players in the global investment market ­– just what Coherra can deliver – opens up so many unforeseen opportunities we cannot even imagine;
through our personal relationship with the management of Coherra, we trust the platform and its future operation.

- Mozaique Fund Management