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  • 20.10.2020

    Trump vs Biden: How will the outcome affect the equity market, fixed income, and currencies?

    Join Coherra for another smart interview! 🎥

    This time, we will discuss the impact of the US election on macroeconomic factors with the CEO of Quant Insight Mahmood Noorani.

    Macro factors matter, and macro needs quant – Mahmood explains how their quantitative framework can help institutional investors determine which asset classes will be most affected by the outcome of the US presidential election next month.

    The short talk is coming soon – stay tuned! 💪

  • 16.10.2020

    A warm welcome to Coherra’s new pioneer Katch Investment Group! 🚀

    Led by a trio of founders – CEO Stephane Prigent, Chairman Laurent Jeanmart, and CIO Pascal Rohner – Katch currently manages close to $200 mln in AUM.

    Niclas Gutenbrink, Sales Director for Nordics & Iberia, will lead their distribution into the Nordic countries.

    Katch is based in the UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Brazil where it offers unique and uncorrelated investment vehicles with a focus on niche segments within private debt.

    They are creating video updates to engage with investors and share their intelligence – now, they are connecting with Coherra to expand their reach.

    We are happy Katch Invest placed its trust in Coherra’s value proposition and we are looking forward to the collaboration.

    We will work our hardest to show what Coherra can do for pioneers like Katch! 💪

  • 9.10.2020

    𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐬 𝐍𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐲?

    Introducing the strategy and innovative approach of Noviscient, a member of Coherra’s pioneer program! 🏆

    The next-generation investment management platform gives investors access to alpha by crowd-sourcing strategies from carefully selected alpha partners around the world.

    Coherra is on the mission to distribute intelligence from our pioneers – stay tuned to keep an eye on Noviscient and other members of our pioneer program! 📣

  • 8.10.2020


    We are happy to announce an exciting new collaborationHedgeNordic, the leading Nordic media for hedge funds, is joining Coherra’s pioneer program! 🚀

    HedgeNordic is a media outlet that provides news, research analysis, and opinions focused on alternative investments and hedge funds for industry professionals in the Nordic region. “HedgeNordic is well-experienced and established in producing and distributing written content. Video, however, is an entirely new channel for us,” says Kamran Ghalitschi, publisher at HedgeNordic.

    HedgeNordic has decided to join Coherra’s pioneer program to enlist our help in making the transition from the written word to videos beyond their existing YouTube channel.

    Operating on the Coherra technology infrastructure, the parties will jointly implement the strategy and distribution of the extended services offered by HedgeNordic. The collaboration also provides a new gateway to the Scandinavian market for the asset managers already included in the Coherra Pioneer Program.

    “We are pleased to partner with Coherra to guide and elevate us in producing high-quality video content and delivering it to the right audience,” explains Ghalitschi.

    We want to welcome HedgeNordic on board, and we are excited to explore all value-driven synergies!



  • 4.10.2020

    Recently, Coherra broadcasted a live session with Eric Strand, a Swedish asset manager with a particular focus on the periodic system and a founder of boutique AuAg Fonder. Now you can watch the edited version of the webinar!

    Interviewed by financial journalist Jonathan Furelid, Eric talked about his incredibly successful first fund AuAg Silver Bullet where he raised SEK 60 mln backed by 15.000 investors – and about his brand new fund AuAg Precious Green with a dual focus on precious metals and green tech equity!

    🥈Why is silver such a unique commodity?
    📣What makes Eric’s case for investing in precious metals rather than government bonds so strong?
    🔋What is his take on sustainability and green energy?


    Watch the edited version, or access the full webinar replay here.

  • 1.10.2020

    Coherra is happy to welcome a new Swedish member of our pioneer program – Erik Penser Bank! 🚀

    We will be working closely with Jonas Thulin, the Head of Asset Management, and Annelie Ek Krepp, the Head of Business Development.

    The Coherra platform will host and accelerate the reach of the video content the bank produces to engage with investors and distributors.

    Investor relations and proactive distribution strategy are embedded within Erik Penser Bank. They have already ventured into video production to engage with a dedicated investor audience – their YouTube channel, Penser Play, is full of interviews and video content. The intelligent distribution network from Coherra will extend the reach of the video resources available inside Erik Penser Bank and filter according to relevance. As a video content fiduciary service Coherra will not only host the video content but fuel the distribution through our B2B networks and share the insights with a global investor audience.

    Since the foundation of Erik Penser Bank in 1994, the privately-owned bank has had a wide selection of financial services for private and institutional investors. They offer a variety of complex investment solutions – investment insights development combines a top-down macro view and a bottom-up view by asset class specialists. The bank also provides advisory services in connection with IPOs and other stock market transactions, capital raising (public and private), and advice on business transfers. Inside Erik Penser Bank they operate 3 funds as well as discretionary asset management. In total, the bank holds SEK 41 bln / €4.1 bln in AUM.

    We are looking forward to starting the engagement and by sharing more from our new pioneer with our network!

  • 29.09.2020

    Celebrating Coherra’s 3rd birthday! 🎈🎈🎈

    Three years ago, Coherra was born in Copenhagen.

    Our third year was one of the hardest. Sleepless nights, casualties, but also big wins – rocket fuel for our ambitions to drive the communication network of the financial industry.

    As the society and financial markets were tested through COVID-19, Coherra was geared for remote work and grew due to exponentially rising demand for online services and digital communication.

    Our achievements of 2020:

    🥇Brought in the acclaimed CTO Ole Rossing and a highly skilled remote dev team
    🤝Organized a global meet-up in DK before the lockdown in March
    💻Successfully tested and launched a webinar service when no one could meet physically
    🎥 Doubled our video team to meet demand for building the right format for content
    👏 Expanded our pioneer program with new diverse partnerships – from trillion dollar asset management giants with a pedigree to newly established boutique managers with ambitious and niche offerings

    Three years of hard training have put us in a good shape, and we are well-positioned to start the next race for our clients, partners, and shareholders. Coherra is now on the doorstep of delivering our first live streaming integration module in October 2020 to reach hundreds of thousands of investors with relevant financial content.

    We have big plans – and we are looking forward to sharing more news in the months ahead!

  • 24.09.2020

    Engineers and finance – Ole Rossing putting Søren Hæstrup on the spot!

    We are looking forward to sharing the full interview with our CTO Ole Rossing about his professional journey, experience with managing teams – and what vision made him interested in Coherra.

    How we get the best engineers even though we are in the finance field – coming soon!

  • 23.09.2020

    Coherra is progressing in our mission of distributing relevant financial content to investors!

    We are moving into netstations with video content from the smartest minds in the financial industry – and things are starting to take shape.

    Stay tuned for more information!

  • 21.09.2020

    Coherra is excited to welcome a new member of our pioneer program – an Estonian-based hedge fund Quantical!

    Quantical provides professional investment and asset management advice to experienced investors and family offices. It was founded in 2019 by CEO Luděk Skyva who brings experience from several international companies. Jozef Michalko, an experienced option trader with long record of providing managed account services for mainly US-based affluent private investors, serves as chief strategist.

    Quantical is chiefly focused on trading option strategies whose underlying assets are stocks and indices on regulated capital market, particularly in the United States and Europe.

    Welcome aboard, Quantical!

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I love what you are doing, bringing investment opportunities in a well thought out, easy to navigate technology to a target market that has been ignored or under marketed in the past.

- Top trader with +30 years experience, turning to tech

I am really fascinated by the approach that Coherra has taken in reinventing a platform that provides sellers and fund managers opportunities to enhance their reach into the market. The access to the funds that Coherra provides through its innovative platform is absolutely marvellous. The ecosystem established with well-known partners is only going to drive the growth further. Wishing Coherra very best !!!

- Amit Ranjan

IBM Japan

As a quant manager in a digital centric institution such as Saxo Bank I quickly recognized the opportunity and the value Coherra bring to the industry. Connectivity and data orientated services does not only accelerate our reach to new markets and investors it leverages and optimize the distribution of our research and services

- Steen Jakobsen

CIO at SAXO Bank

Digital Business Innovation Centre is an organization to enhance open innovation over the wide range of 34 of the leading companies in Japan. We have been an early watcher of the Coherra vision and I support the Japanese market initiative with some of our members since the very beginning.


- Hiroshi Nishino

DBIC Japan

Social networking has changed dramatically the way we communicate over the last few years, as a new fintech, Coherra is trying to bring the Fund Management space to this area and DIF is very happy to participate on this journey.

- Paulo Pinto

DIF Broker

We at More Invest are very happy to participate in the Coherra funds project. The way of communicating with investors has been changed dramatically over the last few years and we think that Coherra could in the future accelerate that change.

- Carlo Moratelli

More Invest

We at Yen Capital Advisors India have developed a great relationship with Coherra. The platform is immersive, with the ability to showcase and distribute the marketing content of potential partners in a cost effective manner. Coherra's creative approach and attention to detail is their standout achievement, and we look forward to increasing the depth and scope of our relationship.

- Yen Capital Advisors


We at Mozaique Fund Management (Luxembourg) immediately decided to join Coherra for the following main reasons:
- it is an amazingly wide and cost-effective marketing and promotional platform for us towards potential investors from all over the world;
- the system is very straight forward and an easy-to-use-innovation in the rather traditional business of professional investments;
- the integration of all the players in the global investment market ­– just what Coherra can deliver – opens up so many unforeseen opportunities we cannot even imagine;
through our personal relationship with the management of Coherra, we trust the platform and its future operation.

- Mozaique Fund Management