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  • 29.10.2019

    Teres Global joins the Coherra Pioneer Program to add intelligence into their financial distribution operation,

    With more than 200 years of combined experience in asset management distribution and currently 8 individually market focused funds for whom they raise capital it is yet another significant milestone for COHERRA to include Teres Global, @Nicolas Thomet in our COHERRA Pioneer Program.

    The determination for bringing data intelligence into the Teres Global operation is a perfect match for COHERRA – Further it demonstrate our B2B scale model through partnerships.

    Read more about the strategic partnerships at:

    Coherra adds Teres Global to its visionary collection of partners


  • arab bank 16.10.2019

    Visiting the innovation and venture investment offices of Arab Bank. Thank you Faisal Al Bitar and Faisal Hakki for sharing your vision for the bank and your valued customers. It is a pleasure for Coherra to engage and for us to speak to your organisation – a first hand insight of determination and resources put to work.

  • 8.10.2019

    COHERRA welcomes Five Alpha as a new Pioneer.

    FiveAlpha, is a Swiss Asset Management company that offers CTA based investment solutions to professional investors, HNWI and going forward now open up for infrastructure to include institutional allocations.

    The strategy build by Paolo Ghisotti has generated a return on +16.55% during the last 19 months with only 4 losing months and a maximum drawdown of 2.05%.

    To get full introduction to the specific strategy and investment framework by Five Alpha contact us directly on

    We are looking forward to connect Five Alpha to our network of asset allocators, brokers, banks, asset managers and media distributors.

    To learn more about becoming a COHERRA pioneer and participate in the evolution of intelligent asset management distribution contact us:

  • harbour space, barcelona 3.10.2019


    Yesterday COHERRA Founder, Soren Haestrup had the opportunity to speak with innovators, founders, teachers and students at HARBOUR SPACE University in Barcelona. This is an incubator for relevant learning on Bachelor and Master level. What a drive and specific attention to software, algo, digital design and entrepreneurship. Thank you to the students for the engagement and curiosity and the amazing team at Harbour Space . We are looking forward to work with you.

  • 1.10.2019

    Coherra is pleased to announce the onboarding of Progressive Capital Partners – an innovative independent Swiss Investment Boutique with a focus on alternative investments, having a deep expertise in Niche Alternative investments. Progressive has an impressive track record and a competitive strategy.

    We are looking forward to work with the dedicated team – Thomas Kummer and Daniel von Allmen in our network to change the diagram of financial services. Stay tuned and follow Coherra to be the first to learn about the news from Progressive Capital Partners and the opportunities they represent for investors.

    To learn more about becoming a pioneers and participate in the evolution of intelligent asset management distribution contact us:

  • 30.09.2019

    Every moment in business happens only once. Ours happened 2 years ago as we saw a capital markets industry locked in its old ways while the internet, mobile, video streaming and machine learning were already unlocking massive value and changing the playing fields across many other industries.

    So we set out to reimagine how investment products are distributed, discovered and presented. We set out to envision a different and better future, bringing down the barriers between asset managers and investors and raising the bar for the way we engage one another.  A future in which asset managers compete on relevant and inspiring investor engagement and unique investor insights, and where investors seamlessly access a global pool of relevant investment opportunities, perspectives and insights delivered in fresh and engaging formats.

    Amazingly two years have already passed since our inception. Today, we have on-boarded 15 asset managers and 8 banks and brokers onto our platform. And we are really just getting started. Building upon the playbooks of Netflix, Spotify and LinkedIn, Coherra is poised to become the platform that brings together the global capital markets community to unlock new value for all participants. With a critical mass of actors and activity on Coherra, asset managers will be able to determine what investment products they should be offering to which segments, and how they should position these to convert investors. Investors will be able to discover new opportunities and relevant investment themes without drowning in noise, based on our understanding of their preferences, interests and goals. And other players in the eco-system such as business media and financial advisors will be able to source and provide content, and develop their businesses based on data-driven customer segmentation, trend identification and engagement optimization powered by Coherra data.

  • Ole Rossing, CIO CFH Systems 19.09.2019

    Ole Rossing, CIO of CFH Markets and TradeTech Group is joining the advisory board of COHERRA FinTech.

    It has taken numerous conversations about the transformation of the brokerage & banking industry and where COHERRA’s communication platform and data intelligence can deliver a competitive edge to a new digital realm.

    Ole has a unique combination of skillsets and a stellar track record. He has a very deep technical understanding,  a curious and bold mindset combined with common sense of how to develop a variable business model around it.

    Ole was fundamental to the technological development of Saxo Bank where he worked together with COHERRA founder, Soren Haestrup . With his team Ole build one of the first trading platforms for currencies when none existed and for an industry he had no experience in. From building the technological tracks of a now USD 1.5 bln market value bank Ole continued to a FinTech start-up, CFH Markets in 2008. They successfully sold the company to PlayTech group for USD 125 mln in 2016 and Ole is today CIO in CFH Group and CFH Systems and the head of IT security in the buyer, TradeTech Group.

    Soren Haestrup, Founder:

    “ I’m sincerely excited about having Ole onboard. Ole was leading the IT team on the floor downstairs from the trading floor in Saxo Bank where I was working. For years we had very little idea of what magic Ole and his team was creating downstairs. From a traders perspective the general understanding was that the money made upstairs was blindly being thrown down the staircase to a very smart and quiet bunch of people. Secondly that we shouldn’t challenge them in math. It was the very transformation of our business and within years they outgrew us not only in numbers of employees but accelerated the revenue and reach. We have stayed in contact since our Saxo Bank days and I’m confident that what Ole also sees in COHERRA is something that will initially compliment and later change an industry. An industry in a circular transformation and that we both know in detail”.

  • 17.09.2019

    Expanding reach & industry knowledge.

    COHERRA will attend the TechBBQ between 18-19th September in Copenhagen.

    We connect with speakers, companies and partners and discuss how COHERRA creates intelligence and precision within the distribution layer of financial services.

    Contact (LinkedIn) or (LinkedIn) for connecting with us.

  • Bayern, Muncich 6.09.2019

    COHERRA is Münich bound.

    It has been a massive week with a number of new strategic partnerships, asset managers joining our network and industry leading subscribing to our pioneer program.  We will soon be introducing them to our network.

    Through the lens of evolution theory is all about value creation fueled by intelligence – knowledge comes from engagement. It’s the most adoptive species surviving not the biggest, fastest or strongest. Our new partners range from single manager offices to multi bln dollar blue chip names – On the same evolutionary path.

    We are looking forward to share much more details on how we build and engage in a trust dependent eco system. Thank you all for getting onboard.

    Our new employee Philip Kopman in Miami had a vicious hurricane visiting his office and had to evacuate his family to midland on his first week at work. Philip is back and ready to serve his community and business development.

    On the road to the USD 100 mln mark our new Pioneer member Frontier Ventures in Silicon Valley has raised the first USD 10 mln, allocated into 3 new investments and has 7 in the pipeline. Execution matters – Chapeau Dima, Dmitry Alimov and Steven Hellman. More on these excellent Frontiers to be shared soon.

    COHERRA’s Series A round has come off to a strong start and next week our CEO Soren Haestrup will visit Munich and Frankfurt expanding our reach and partnerships to a highly technical driven community. Again with the excellent assistance from the Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs our Coherra business dev team will meet with asset managers, financial institutions, exchanges, VC’s, family offices and polo players between Sept 11th-15th.

    Reach out if we forgot someone to see or to meet for a beer in the area.

  • Rasmus Gronning 2.09.2019

    Welcome to Rasmus Gronning.

    We are truly happy that Rasmus Gronning is joining COHERRA to stir our growth and scale strategy.

    Rasmus has worked with strategy, growth and ventures for 20 years and is the managing partner in his own company, Strategy Office (, which helps companies develop and execute ambitious growth and transformation strategies.

    Clients include software giant SimCorp in Denmark who is a world top five provider of financial back – to front end software solutions.

    Further Rasmus is an investor and advisor to selected early stage growth companies such as Dreamlake (

    In the past Rasmus has been involved in a number of ventures and headed scale and spin off INTTRA ( from A. P Moeller, the world’s largest neutral shipping platform. He went onto head another corporate venture, a cloud based supply chain management solution, , which was adopted by many of the world’s largest retail, sports, clothing and consumer electronics brands, such as Walmart, Target, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Sony and Canon.

    In Coherra, Rasmus will support us in the areas of strategy for scale, strategic capital raising and developing partnerships.

    I am super excited about joining the Coherra team. The idea is brilliant, and the platform will unlock massive new opportunities, insights and value for investors and asset managers as well as the larger financial eco-system. I think of how platforms and aggregators like LinkedIn, YouTube, Netflix and Spotify have completely reshaped and transformed their industries. Then I imagine Coherra doing the same for investing over the next 10 years – platforming it, democratizing it, individualizing it, socializing it, adding intelligence, relevance and even fun to it. In my view, it’s one of those ideas where there’s no end in sight in terms of its potential”.

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What do others say about us

I love what you are doing, bringing investment opportunities in a well thought out, easy to navigate technology to a target market that has been ignored or under marketed in the past.

- Top trader with +30 years experience, turning to tech

I am really fascinated by the approach that Coherra has taken in reinventing a platform that provides sellers and fund managers opportunities to enhance their reach into the market. The access to the funds that Coherra provides through its innovative platform is absolutely marvellous. The ecosystem established with well-known partners is only going to drive the growth further. Wishing Coherra very best !!!

- Amit Ranjan

IBM Japan

As a quant manager in a digital centric institution such as Saxo Bank I quickly recognized the opportunity and the value Coherra bring to the industry. Connectivity and data orientated services does not only accelerate our reach to new markets and investors it leverages and optimize the distribution of our research and services

- Steen Jakobsen

CIO at SAXO Bank

Digital Business Innovation Centre is an organization to enhance open innovation over the wide range of 34 of the leading companies in Japan. We have been an early watcher of the Coherra vision and I support the Japanese market initiative with some of our members since the very beginning.


- Hiroshi Nishino

DBIC Japan

Social networking has changed dramatically the way we communicate over the last few years, as a new fintech, Coherra is trying to bring the Fund Management space to this area and DIF is very happy to participate on this journey.

- Paulo Pinto

DIF Broker

We at More Invest are very happy to participate in the Coherra funds project. The way of communicating with investors has been changed dramatically over the last few years and we think that Coherra could in the future accelerate that change.

- Carlo Moratelli

More Invest

We at Yen Capital Advisors India have developed a great relationship with Coherra. The platform is immersive, with the ability to showcase and distribute the marketing content of potential partners in a cost effective manner. Coherra's creative approach and attention to detail is their standout achievement, and we look forward to increasing the depth and scope of our relationship.

- Yen Capital Advisors


We at Mozaique Fund Management (Luxembourg) immediately decided to join Coherra for the following main reasons:
- it is an amazingly wide and cost-effective marketing and promotional platform for us towards potential investors from all over the world;
- the system is very straight forward and an easy-to-use-innovation in the rather traditional business of professional investments;
- the integration of all the players in the global investment market ­– just what Coherra can deliver – opens up so many unforeseen opportunities we cannot even imagine;
through our personal relationship with the management of Coherra, we trust the platform and its future operation.

- Mozaique Fund Management