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COHERRA – Creating an interactive platform of opportunities
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Pulse Feed

  • 21.09.2020

    Coherra is excited to welcome a new member of our pioneer program – an Estonian-based hedge fund Quantical!

    Quantical provides professional investment and asset management advice to experienced investors and family offices. It was founded in 2019 by CEO Luděk Skyva who brings experience from several international companies. Jozef Michalko, an experienced option trader with long record of providing managed account services for mainly US-based affluent private investors, serves as chief strategist.

    Quantical is chiefly focused on trading option strategies whose underlying assets are stocks and indices on regulated capital market, particularly in the United States and Europe.

    Welcome aboard, Quantical!

  • 16.09.2020

    We are pleased to welcome NY based hedge fund Bornite Capital to Coherra’s pioneer program!

    Bornite Capital is a generalist long, short equity fund founded by Dan Dreyfus. Dan brings 19 years of investing experience from 3G Capital as well as from Goldman Sachs Investment Partners and Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies Group.

    Bornite’s investment strategy seeks to isolate the most compelling public investment opportunities using a fundamental bottom-up approach.

    Since inception in January 2020, Bornite has had an impressive track record, materially outperformed the S&P 500.

    If you would like to hear more, today, Bornite is presenting at the Bank of America Global Emerging Manager Conference, “Opportunities in Global Investing” panel: Wednesday, September 16th at 10:45 am ET.

    Welcome on board, Bornite Capital!

  • 15.09.2020

    Coherra Studios is coming back with another live session!

    This time, we have invited one of our pioneers Eric Strand, asset manager and founder of AuAg
    Fonder – and he will be interviewed by financial journalist Jonathan Furelid.

    Eric’s first fund, AuAg Silver Bullet, has been backed by more than 15.000 investors, raised € 60 mln,
    and has done fantastically in 2020.

    Now, Eric has launched a second fund, AuAg Precious Green. Join and learn how he combines
    investing in precious metals, technology stocks and the hunt for Green Energy in his new portfolio!

    Join in and ask question during a live session on Sept 22 at 10 am CET.

    Sign up for the webinar here


  • 10.09.2020

    Bringing insights from our team and partners – on video!

    We have started a series of video interviews and profiles of people who are adding great value to
    Coherra’s vision – our team members, partners, and pioneers.

    We launched the video series with our strategic partner and VC investor Rasmus Grønning Hansen,
    talking about megatrends in fintech, media format, and finance – and much more!

    Watch some of Rasmus’s insights in a short teaser and contact us for access to the full interview on info@coherra.com!

    We are looking forward to bringing more video content to our network soon.

  • 9.09.2020

    Coherra is excited to announce that Innolab, a Copenhagen-based fintech company working with
    artificial intelligence and deep learning research, has joined our pioneer program!

    Founded in 2015 by experienced artificial intelligence engineers, Innolab’s vision is to develop the
    next wave of investment strategies based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

    We have already introduced Innolab to our Singapore-based client Noviscient and they have partnered
    up via API integration. We will also introduce our new pioneer and their value proposition to other
    members of the pioneer program and our network shortly.

    Stay tuned for more intelligence from Innolab!

  • 4.09.2020

    A warm welcome to Kasper Hansen!

    We are excited to welcome Kasper Hansen to the Coherra team as our new video producer. Kasper is an experienced freelancer – for example, he has previously worked on the promotional series for Boon.tv. 

    Kasper will help us with our mission of bringing our network the best video content from Coherra and assisting our pioneers in their video-making.

    He is already moving ahead with full speed – next week, he has two video shoots scheduled in Copenhagen and another one in Sweden.

    We are looking forward to sharing his work with you soon!

  • 10.08.2020

    10 related headlines in 0,01 seconds – cutting through the noise!
    Coherra wants to use the power of data and machine learning algorithms to connect investors with the most relevant content – specifically for them, with their preferences in mind.
    Let’s increase engagement!

  • 29.06.2020

    Introducing Westbeck – excellent asset managers within the energy market

    The Coherra pioneer program has most recently welcomed Westbeck Capital Management, the UK-based, energy-focused hedge fund which has been doing tremendously in the last months, achieving great returns on their funds.

    We will soon host a series of webinars with Westbeck as our guest speakers where we will introduce them to our members – and provide investors in this field with access to their intelligence and experience.

    Interested in getting more information and video-based insights relevant for you? Sign up at Coherra Financial Studios!


  • 11.06.2020

    Coherra includes another remote dev team

    Starting June 2020, the Coherra team has taken another leap forward by including five new media dev specialists to our mission of becoming the strongest link between investors and the asset management industry. Coherra thus welcomes Marcin (tester), Eszek (backend), Tomasz (frontend), Alicia (UX/Graphics), and Grzegorz (backend) from the remote team.

    Coherra’s vision of bringing investors relevant content through third-party platforms – with precision.

    Through systematic integration with the NetDania platform and applications, Coherra will ensure the flow of content curated through our intelligent backend to service a global audience of investors with video-based content. Coherra’s distribution reach and comprehensive collection of content will enable asset management firms to become communication-efficient by increasing visibility and supporting digital distribution strategies.

    Bridging the gap between investors and asset managers!




  • 10.06.2020

    High-Performance Energy Hedge Fund joins Coherra!

    Coherra is excited to welcome Westbeck Capital Management LLP to our pioneer program! We will soon introduce this energy-focused hedge fund from the United Kingdom to our community.

    Delivering 39.5 percent in 2019 and up 27 percent YTD in one of their funds, Westbeck Capital managed to navigate the extreme market volatility and achieved great returns both in March and April. With multiple strategies represented in their Westbeck Energy Opportunity Fund, Volta Fund, and Westbeck Resource Income Fund, they cover a wide range of the energy market. 

    Westbeck Capital was launched by Jean-Louis Le Mée and Will Smith in 2016. Their understanding of the need to share more intelligence and strategies with their investor public is closely aligned with Coherra’s value proposition.

    Welcome on board, WestBeck! More intelligence from our new pioneer coming soon.

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What do others say about us

I love what you are doing, bringing investment opportunities in a well thought out, easy to navigate technology to a target market that has been ignored or under marketed in the past.

- Top trader with +30 years experience, turning to tech

I am really fascinated by the approach that Coherra has taken in reinventing a platform that provides sellers and fund managers opportunities to enhance their reach into the market. The access to the funds that Coherra provides through its innovative platform is absolutely marvellous. The ecosystem established with well-known partners is only going to drive the growth further. Wishing Coherra very best !!!

- Amit Ranjan

IBM Japan

As a quant manager in a digital centric institution such as Saxo Bank I quickly recognized the opportunity and the value Coherra bring to the industry. Connectivity and data orientated services does not only accelerate our reach to new markets and investors it leverages and optimize the distribution of our research and services

- Steen Jakobsen

CIO at SAXO Bank

Digital Business Innovation Centre is an organization to enhance open innovation over the wide range of 34 of the leading companies in Japan. We have been an early watcher of the Coherra vision and I support the Japanese market initiative with some of our members since the very beginning.


- Hiroshi Nishino

DBIC Japan

Social networking has changed dramatically the way we communicate over the last few years, as a new fintech, Coherra is trying to bring the Fund Management space to this area and DIF is very happy to participate on this journey.

- Paulo Pinto

DIF Broker

We at More Invest are very happy to participate in the Coherra funds project. The way of communicating with investors has been changed dramatically over the last few years and we think that Coherra could in the future accelerate that change.

- Carlo Moratelli

More Invest

We at Yen Capital Advisors India have developed a great relationship with Coherra. The platform is immersive, with the ability to showcase and distribute the marketing content of potential partners in a cost effective manner. Coherra's creative approach and attention to detail is their standout achievement, and we look forward to increasing the depth and scope of our relationship.

- Yen Capital Advisors


We at Mozaique Fund Management (Luxembourg) immediately decided to join Coherra for the following main reasons:
- it is an amazingly wide and cost-effective marketing and promotional platform for us towards potential investors from all over the world;
- the system is very straight forward and an easy-to-use-innovation in the rather traditional business of professional investments;
- the integration of all the players in the global investment market ­– just what Coherra can deliver – opens up so many unforeseen opportunities we cannot even imagine;
through our personal relationship with the management of Coherra, we trust the platform and its future operation.

- Mozaique Fund Management