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COHERRA – Creating an interactive platform of opportunities
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Pulse Feed

  • 14.01.2021
    What will 2021 bring for the energy transition?

    Register here for our webinar with experts from Westbeck Capital on January 28 and find out!

    Join CIO Will Smith and Head of Research Matt Fernley from Westbeck’s ESG-compliant Volta Fund as they discuss:

    What effect will the election of Biden have on green energy policies?

    Is the price of electric car batteries reaching a tipping point?

    Will prices on raw materials break the glass ceiling in 2021?


    Join the energy talk on January 28 at 3.30 pm CET and find out!

  • 13.01.2021
    Esports webinar: insights into this niche but very high-growth industry – powered by Coherra!

    Join the webinar with Inge Heydorn from GP Bullhound, Erik Sprinchorn from TIN Fonder, and financial journalist Jonathan Furelid – and get to know the opportunities in the esport & gaming sector 🎮 that already draws a Superbowl-sized audience!

    January 20 at 3 pm CET 📅

    Learn about the high-growth industry with successful games, professional players earning millions, and live tournaments rivaling the biggest sports events.

    Your guides? Inge Heydorn from GP Bullhound, a leading tech advisory and investment firm which has already called the explosive growth of Spotify. Erik Sprinchorn from TIN Fonder, a Swedish company investing in technology, health, digital brands – and gaming. Extremely digital asset managers with a great communication strategy – recently, they streamed themselves while playing video games and discussing news in the industry.

    What does Inge see happening next after the esports boom? To find out, save your seat and register here!

    Join Inge, Erik, and Jonathan live to ask your questions – or register to get access to a webinar replay and edited version later!

  • 4.01.2021

    Changing the way the financial industry communicates: Coherra in 5 Cs

    Founded in 2005, YouTube is one of the biggest and most often visited websites on the Internet. The video-sharing service changed the game when it comes to video consumption, allowing millions of users to view, upload, and share videos – but perhaps more importantly, comment on the content, engage with other users, and subscribe to the content creators.

    One downfall of this service is, however, the sheer volume of videos it holds, overwhelming the users and making it virtually impossible to filter out the most relevant content. This downside makes other qualities YouTube a hard sell in some of the industries – for example the financial industry where compliance of content and expertise of the content creator is of the utmost importance.

    But we believe that a service like YouTube is exactly what the industry needs – it just has to be YouTube tailored for finance.

    Continue reading our entire vision here!

  • 28.12.2020
    2021 is coming soon – and so is new video content from our pioneers!

    The pre-Christmas days are generally busy – and it was especially true for us at Coherra as we held three video shoots in six days with our pioneers at St. Petri Capital and Minter Markets.

    We appreciate their commitment – and the commitment of all our pioneers – to making the leap into video and producing engaging content with extra value for their clients.

    Let’s go into 2021 the way we end this year – making things happen!

  • 23.12.2020
    𝐀 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐚 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐦! 🎄

    We wish everyone a peaceful holiday break and a happy new year.

    We are excited to dive right back into working with even more pioneers in 2021 – helping them share their intelligence with investors, creating value, and accelerating their transformation to video communication.

    Let’s go! 🚀

  • 22.12.2020

    Another day, another video shoot

    Of course, many are looking forward to the holidays right now – but COHERRA is also looking forward to delivering great content to our pioneers who are committed to making the transition to video communication!

    Christmas season or not, our pipeline is ever-growing – we have had three video shoots in six days!

    Coherra is proud to have dedicated pioneers such as St. Petri Capital. We have just finished a video shoot with Jens Wiberg Larsson – the video and other productions coming soon! 🎬

  • 22.12.2020


    Interested in the esports industry – a soon-to-be billion-dollar giant with an audience of almost 500 million people? 🎮

    Next up from COHERRA: A live webinar offering a look into the niche investment opportunities of esports!

    Learn more about a high-growth sector that includes successful games, merchandise, and major gaming events with tens of thousands of people attending live in the arenas and millions watching at home.

    Join an expert talk between Swedish esports fund manager Inge Heydorn from GP Bullhound and financial journalist Jonathan Furelid as they introduce you to this booming industry!

    Coming soon – keep your eyes on Coherra for the date!

    Never miss a talk with specialists such as this – register here for our mailing list and get invitations to interesting webinars!

  • 17.12.2020

    It may be almost Christmas but we at COHERRA are busy withproducing content and creating value!

    We are excited to be working with pioneers such as St. Petri Capital who have committed to sharing their intelligence with investors – in video form 🎬

    Here is a sneak peek into the video shooting at our office today – the finished product and many more content productions coming soon!

  • 11.12.2020

    Over 700 institutional investors registered for their previous webinar – now, NorQuant is going live again to talk about the launch of its first fund!

    Register here and tune in on December 16!

    🎙💻 Join a conversation with CEO Thomas Nygaard – also the chairman of the Norwegian Association for Quantitative Finance – and hosted by Kamran Ghalitschi from HedgeNordic, the leading Nordic media for hedge funds.

    💡 Get expert insights on the momentum and research behind the brand new quant fund from a team with experience from the Norwegian Oil fund NBIM.

    Tune in to a live smart talk on December 16 at 10 am CET!

    Powered by COHERRA 💪🎬

  • 7.12.2020
    Innovation in shipping investments

    Available as an ETF –  Breakwave Advisors is making shipping easily accessible to investors for the first time!

    Coherra is happy to welcome a new member of our pioneer program – New York-based Breakwave Advisors.

    Coherra will be working closely with John Kartsonas, the founder and managing partner of Breakwave Advisors, and Thanos Sofios, managing partner of Novisea – a consulting firm responsible for growing their investor base in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

    We are looking forward to accelerating the video production of Breakwave Advisors and working hard to ensure their unique product reaches new, relevant investor audiences.

    Welcome aboard!

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What do others say about us

I love what you are doing, bringing investment opportunities in a well thought out, easy to navigate technology to a target market that has been ignored or under marketed in the past.

- Top trader with +30 years experience, turning to tech

I am really fascinated by the approach that Coherra has taken in reinventing a platform that provides sellers and fund managers opportunities to enhance their reach into the market. The access to the funds that Coherra provides through its innovative platform is absolutely marvellous. The ecosystem established with well-known partners is only going to drive the growth further. Wishing Coherra very best !!!

- Amit Ranjan

IBM Japan

As a quant manager in a digital centric institution such as Saxo Bank I quickly recognized the opportunity and the value Coherra bring to the industry. Connectivity and data orientated services does not only accelerate our reach to new markets and investors it leverages and optimize the distribution of our research and services

- Steen Jakobsen

CIO at SAXO Bank

Digital Business Innovation Centre is an organization to enhance open innovation over the wide range of 34 of the leading companies in Japan. We have been an early watcher of the Coherra vision and I support the Japanese market initiative with some of our members since the very beginning.


- Hiroshi Nishino

DBIC Japan

Social networking has changed dramatically the way we communicate over the last few years, as a new fintech, Coherra is trying to bring the Fund Management space to this area and DIF is very happy to participate on this journey.

- Paulo Pinto

DIF Broker

We at More Invest are very happy to participate in the Coherra funds project. The way of communicating with investors has been changed dramatically over the last few years and we think that Coherra could in the future accelerate that change.

- Carlo Moratelli

More Invest

We at Yen Capital Advisors India have developed a great relationship with Coherra. The platform is immersive, with the ability to showcase and distribute the marketing content of potential partners in a cost effective manner. Coherra's creative approach and attention to detail is their standout achievement, and we look forward to increasing the depth and scope of our relationship.

- Yen Capital Advisors


We at Mozaique Fund Management (Luxembourg) immediately decided to join Coherra for the following main reasons:
- it is an amazingly wide and cost-effective marketing and promotional platform for us towards potential investors from all over the world;
- the system is very straight forward and an easy-to-use-innovation in the rather traditional business of professional investments;
- the integration of all the players in the global investment market ­– just what Coherra can deliver – opens up so many unforeseen opportunities we cannot even imagine;
through our personal relationship with the management of Coherra, we trust the platform and its future operation.

- Mozaique Fund Management