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  • 13.06.2019

    Fintech is thriving and Coherra is looking forward to connect with partners and innovators in our hometown of Copenhagen.

  • dianna raedle 6.06.2019

    Last week, COHERRA advisor Dianna Raedle (Harvard MBA 1993) & Daniel Morrel from Harvard Business School discussed the Bitcoin phenomenon. Cryptocurrency has now become an integral asset in macro-economics, infrastructure and investment portfolios.

    As COHERRA expands to provide financial services to the asset management industry through our entry to the US market, we are excited by the great work that Dianna Raedle and Deer Isle Group, LLC continue to create.

  • 4.06.2019


    With only 2 working days in Stockholm we only saw a glance of what this thriving business scene has to offer. What we did meet was innovators in corporate finance building bridges to Germany to deliver value and leverage on the strong stock market culture in Sweden. We saw a Family office investment attitude (in diversification) matching international peers – and a thriving fintech scene who now has a new association in #Findec to secure collaboration, communication and funding for the Swedish fintech eco system. 

    We look forward to see many of them back across the bridge to Denmark for the CPH Fintech Week.

  • 3.06.2019

    COHERRA’s CEO, Soren Haestrup will be in Stockholm, Sweden meeting partners, investors and innovators June 3rd and 4th. 

    We talk about the digitalization, content aggregators, taxonomy, value for investors and future distribution models in the asset management sector. 

    We are looking forward to grow our Scandinavian roots. Reach out to connect with us on

  • japan fintech seminar 23.05.2019
    The local COHERRA team was in Japan, Tokyo for the Danish Fintech & Design Seminar.
    Yusuke Kanzaki had the opportunity to present our value proposition for the financial market ecosystem. Coherra brings people from the financial world together on a global open platform.
    We were glad to experience a high engagement rate and turnout from new people from Nomura Holdings, Rakuten Securities, SBI Holdings, Moneytree, Seven bank, Tokyo Marine Holdings, NTT Data, NEC, NRI, Sumitomo Finacial Group, Shinsei Bank, MUFG, Unisys T, Card Risona, Bank Master Card, Risona Holdings, Sony Bank, Fujitsu, OKI, Money Forward.
    We think that such events are empowering the ecosystem and exchanged views create new possibilities for localisation and sustainable partnerships.
  • coherra, swiss 16.05.2019
    Niche Alternatives Conference in Zürich.
    Coherra participates in the event organised by Progressive Capital Partners in Zürich on Tuesday, May 21st 2019.
    The topic is special niches and special people for higher returns.
    Thank you, Progressive Capital for the invitation! To connect with the Coherra team, please contact Emil Hannesbo at
  • 14.05.2019
    We invite our partners & stakeholders in Japan to the Danish Fintech and design seminar in Tokyo, May 23rd.
    The Danish delegation will be represented by Copenhagen FinTech, Cardlay A/S, Pie Systems and Coherra, lead by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
    The innovation in financial markets is important and we are excited to see new opportunities with both our existing and new partners in Japan.
    We recognize you as pioneer in technologies and we would like you to join us in Tokyo.
    We are looking forward to seeing you there. For registration, please contact us at or
  • Marc Adler 13.05.2019

    We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Marc Adler has joined COHERRA fintech as our new CTO.

    As former Chief Architect of Citigroup, MetLife, ADP & Ex-Citadel Investments, Marc holds extensive industry knowledge to head Coherra’s architecture for a data-centric marketplace and integration into our users infrastructure. Marc has already introduced a number of new team candidates and collaboration partners who we are in dialogue with for our growth on scale strategy.

    We are looking forward to having Marc onboard and it is a major boost for our ambitious visions bringing intelligence into asset management industry. By having Marc in New York, it also fosters our plans for the US market. Marc will also work with our advisor Dianna Raedle leading our entry to the US market.

    Marc will work from our new location in New York and will be our main contact for tech dev partners globally. Together with Nicolai Sørensen and Michael Ha in Denmark, Marc Adler will set the direction and pace for Coherra’s team expansion and launch.

    We will publish an interview with Mr. Marc Adler soon.

  • 10.05.2019

    The local COHERRA Tokyo team will join the Danish fintech organization when visiting Japan in May 22-24th.

    We are excited to be invited by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and look forward to continue the work by innovating finance markets with our existing and new partners in Japan.

    COHERRA – connecting opportunities in financial markets.

    Do reach out to us if you wish to connect with our team, Yusuke Kanzaki ( and Warit Khatong (

  • 8.05.2019

    Exploring the next digital frontier and trends in investor media with Lars Christensen @Euroinvestor. Video first mindset must be applied when developing content for the new generation of investors + global content for local markets likely to be a game changer. Read Coherra’s article about the importance of acting as a media company –>

    #videofirst #Euroinvestor #contentisking #coherra

  • 25.04.2019
    17% annualized return – Machine Learning accelerates returns for Mozaique FundWe are proud that innovation continues to thrive amoung our pioneer partners. Congratulations!
    One of the first pioneers who joined COHERRA – Mozaique Fund included a new quantitative strategy into their portfolio. With the new strategy, Mozaique aims to further enhance the risk adjusted returns and reduce the correlation to traditional markets.
    To engage with Mozaique Fund Management, register on the Coherra platform –>
  • 10.04.2019

    Bring your local content to a global audience.

    COHERRA delivers the intelligence and platform to match content with the relevant investors all over the world.


  • 4.04.2019

    In a recent LinkedIn posting Goldman was describing the responsibilities as: the person will work with the head of “data as a service – the shorthand term to describe the industry’s efforts” to design new products, develop a sales pipeline, and work with clients. 

    Read Coherra’s perspective on Data As a Service coming to Wall Street. –

  • 28.03.2019

    Connectivity – power to connect with existing and future customers. 

    Coherra matches Saxo Bank content directly to a preferred audience from the recent event ‘Gateway to China’ about the outlook and opportunities in financial markets.

  • 25.03.2019

    Update from the 20th and 21st March in London.

    KYC level 2.0.

    The leaders within asset management will initiate new services and cater to their investors at a whole new level. This need became blatantly clear during the presentations and our meetings in London. Going forward true differentiation will not be anchored in products alone, rather, targeted content and actionable data points for decision making will likely be the main levers behind brand differentiation and strategic positioning.

    COHERRA’s CEO @Søren Haestrup met with BlackRock to discuss the future of distribution, data intelligence for segmentation and customer engagement, and the ever increasing need for relevant content from 3rd party platforms such as Coherra. The need for targeted content and analysis is growing rapidly, a trend BlackRock as the World’s largest asset manager recognize in full.

    BlackRock are on a mission to become the dominant provider of analytics for the global investment industry + increase its revenues from technology. Shortly after our meeting in London BlackRock announced a USD 1,3bn acquisition of French analytics company eFront and showed just how serious they are about 3rd party analytics- and content platforms.

  • 22.03.2019

    Update from the 20th and 21st March in London.

    COHERRA lost the tie in technologies. Our CEO, Soren Haestrup met with old friends and colleagues in London for the Saxo Bank Conference about the Gateway to China.

    Steen Jakobsen, Zaid Al-Maiyah, Ashraf Sleiman Agha

  • 19.03.2019

    LONDON this week

    Why should an event for 100 people stay with 100 people when it is of interest for thousands, an opportunity for millions about a subject that effect billions?

    The COHERRA team continues the mission to deliver relevance and connectivity between investors and asset managers.

    This week in London we will test production of our first tailor-made COHERRA content creation with Lea Jakobiak. We will meet CEO Tor Svelland from Svelland Capital and CIO Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank to understand their view on the Gateway to China (

    Media network connect with us! 

    Financial network plug in to scale!

  • 19.03.2019

    Content is the new product. Strategy is what makes it first-class.

    Find our new article about the importance of content in B2B, B2I (Business-to-investor).

    Coherra aims to deliver relevant content to the right audiences, by carefully curating the most suitable investment opportunities to investors worldwide. 

  • 18.03.2019

    The systematic allocation model by former Global Head of Asset Allocation in UBS Mads Pedersen has rebalanced its allocation. After building and running the successful and mulit bln USD systematic fund in UBS Mads Pedersen now offer CIO as a software and has already connected to several new white label fund offerings.

    COHERRA welcomes EyePerformance as the newest innovators to our platform. EyePerformance provides a systematic allocation program that allows clients to construct cost efficient, alpha creating portfolios, increasing productivity and easing the investment journey for clients.

    EyePerformance Portfolio construction tools combined decades of practical experience, managing multi asset portfolios with the latest insight from behavioral finance.

    To get info on the models contact EyePerformance at //

  • dif broker, iberia 14.03.2019

    Coherra welcomes DIF Broker as pioneers to our platform! DIF Iberia Grandes Valores offers investors access to large cap through an asset management company based in Madrid and Lisbon.

    DIF Iberia Grandes Valores is a stock listed fund with an ISIN number providing direct access to ownership of the preferred stocks in the Spanish and Portuguese stock market. 

    DIF Broker is a regulated brokerage company providing the newest technologies, powered by an automatized analysis platform available on iOS and Android devices.

  • 28.02.2019

    We are working in London with partners and innovators.

    Data-driven financial services 2.0.

    Reach out for meetings at

  • 19.02.2019

    COHERRA welcomes Noviscient to our Platform! Noviscient is a true pioneer offering a new intelligent alpha selection out of Singapore. We look forward to work closely with Scott Treloar and Kim Rosenkilde to create true value to their mission.

    “Noviscient is a next-generation hedge fund that uses a machine-learning-enabled platform to aggregate systematic trading strategies. We see Coherra as a totally complementary partner that modernises how investors can find great managers.” – Scott Treloar, CEO Noviscient

  • 8.02.2019

    Coherras principles in building an intelligent and decentralized marketplace is well described through the evolution of behavioral patterns during this very 4th industrial revolution. An intense week with partners and thought leaders in Geneva was rounded up in conversation with an academic authority in himself, Derek Queisser De Stockalper. His second book later this year will cover the very mechanics of trusted digital authorities in society.

  • 23.01.2019

    COHERRA in DAVOS Thursday and Friday.

    Reach out to connect with us.  #wef2019

  • 17.01.2019

    A week of Mountain hopping.

    Crypto Finance Conference:

    As weather condition improved and allowed access to the mountains again Coherra will be in St. Moritz on Jan 17-18th

    Past and future of asset allocation meet-up

    Next week Davos @ WEF19

  • 10.01.2019

    You know that you are on the right track when you read a review like this –>

    “I love what you are doing, bringing investment opportunities in a well thought out, easy to navigate technology to a target market that has been ignored or under marketed in the past.” – Recent statement about COHERRA, from a top trader with +30 years experience turning to tech.

    We use feedback to navigate our development and processes. This time, we just appreciate the recognition!

  • 9.01.2019

    COHERRA is getting involved in a new responsible partnership with Swiss Impact Investment Association. More details about this digital and intelligent contribution to the Impact Investment eco system shall be introduced at the World Economic Forum #WEF19. –>

  • 4.01.2019


    We are hitting the ground of 2019 running, attending three conferences in Switzerland in only 10 days.

    Together with Swiss Impact Investment Association we will use the beautiful location of World Economic Forum #wef19 to explain the impact, responsibility and contribution from digitalization and the opportunities for organization arising from this.

    A special collaboration project will be disclosed in Davos and it will lead to an important development phase in 2019.

    Do reach out to us for meetings.

  • 29.12.2018

    The Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) is a non-profit organisation with a single mission of making awareness about global impact investment out of Switzerland. Over the last three and half years SIIA has grown into a network-of-networks including all stakeholders of society who seek to collaborate for common social and environmental goals by means of investing and entrepreneurship.  SIIA’s mission is to showcase investable solutions to global challenges and to connect partners to make them happen. SIIA believes that entrepreneurs shape our world by what they do, and investors determine which future to invest in.

    SIIA’s mantra is “seeing is believing” and Coherra is a unique platform that allows SIIA to showcase investment opportunities which impact our society positively. SIIA and Coherra are collaborating to develop an impact investment platform that will help make awareness about investments that in addition to offering positive returns to investors will also provide solutions to social and environmental issues in our society and thereby help achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals.

    Klaus-Michael Christensen, president of SIIA announced in December 2018 that “SIIA/Coherra’s digital media platform is the ideal storytelling platform for entrepreneurs to explain the impact in “impact investment” to impact investors and will become the preferred platform for impact investors to present their impact demands for their investment capital. It is SIIA’s endeavour to provide a platform that will enable investors to easily find profitable investment opportunities that they are passionate about thereby accelerating impact in our society

  • 18.12.2018

    With fintech thriving and banking – not so much, third party offerings have started to break through even conventional thinkers.

  • 7.12.2018

    Welcome to another Pioneer!

    One of the top pioneers of systematic allocation models and a multi bln dollar wealth manager has joined the COHERRA vision.

    Digitalization and scalability is a shared concept between Eye-Performance and COHERRA. Eye-Performance has developed a cloud based software enabling “CIO as a software” solutions and enable investors and asset allocators direct access to funds or unique tailor-made solutions with stellar performance under your own name.

    The COHERRA team will lead the onboarding and optimization of promotion.

    Contact us for more and follow the evolution.

  • kris kristensen 29.11.2018

    We welcome Kris Kristensen to our COHERRA developer team. Kris brings vast experience leading international IT architecture. COHERRA continues to expand dev and presence, so if you are an ambitious front or back-end developer with venture in your DNA, do reach out to us.

  • 26.11.2018

    Back from Asia, our management will be in Zurich Nov 29-30th to welcome new partners and employees to our COHERRA vision.

    Reach out for more details or meetings.

  • 16.11.2018

    Accelerated learning towards adoption.

    The Coherra team will keep stakeholders in a new project informed and engaged through videos.

  • 12.11.2018

    COHERRA is deeply honored to have been chosen by the Swiss Impact Investment Association ( SIIA) to develop a digital platform for the SIIA organization in Switzerland. Their ambitions for impact investments are greater than one canton, one country or one continent. It is a global initiative and COHERRA is motivated to work with SIIA and all stakeholders in the impact investment industry to deliver the World’s most comprehensive collection of impact investment opportunities, video based learning and research – on one platform. Stay tuned, more to come.

  • 2.11.2018

    Next stop is Singapore from Nov 11-14th. Reach out to connect with our team and join the eco system to connect opportunities.

  • 2.11.2018

    It’s round-up time of the HK fintech week and we have expanded our reach and partnerships to a new territory. Our founder Soren and Asia rep Warit are looking forward to welcome new alliances to our COHERRA vision.

  • 30.10.2018

    Hong Kong Fintech: Oct 30th – Nov 3rd. The gateway to China. Our CEO joins the Head of Asia business dev at the largest fintech conference in China. –>

  • 29.10.2018

    We joined one of COHERRA’s advisors, Charles Hoskinson, when speaking in Zürich at the crypto summit. COHERRA will land in Hong Kong tomorrow.

  • mou, nri, coherra, fintech 25.10.2018

    A milestone was reached today by the signing of a MOU for distribution of the COHERRA platform in Japan. It has been one year of dedicated bilingual collaboration with our partner Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. and will shortly lead to the opening of our Tokyo based office.

    We are inspired and humble to be joined by another Blue chip name and we will continue to aim high.  Our vision to connect opportunities and change the diagram of asset management to our open multilingual solution remain the moon shot. Now we have a partner with 11.000 engineers for launch and a powered ascent in a JPY 70 trillion market.

  • 22.10.2018

    COHERRA is participating in Zürich Crypto Summit between 28th-29th of October. Connecting with dev partners and tech visionaries.

  • 19.10.2018

    Digitalization will address high fee issues while direct customer engagements can unleash a JPY 76 trillion industry. A milestone in COHERRA’s Japanese venture was reached today. Our delivery of a pilot solution to digitalize distribution of a massive asset management industry. COHERRA technologies is ready to enhance the experience of digital asset management by allowing engagement for all the segments of investors.

  • real vision, nyc, coherra, fintech 16.10.2018

    Coherra is in NY discussing the opportunities and technologies transforming the financial industry in a Society of Convenience. RealVisions, RealInnovation and RealEntrepreneurs in New York. Coherra and RV are on a shared mission to change the diagram of distribution. To bridge financial markets and opportunities to the next generation of investors. Video-based content and intelligence are the two dominant engines in use. Collaborations are the accelerator. Next week is all about blockchain and crypto, followed by 1 month in Asia.

  • 9.10.2018

    Coherra – Connecting opportunities.

    We continue our expansion in services and ventures – Arriving to the Land of the Rising Sun“

  • 5.10.2018

    COHERRA is in New York between 14th-21st of October, meeting pioneers of financial services: Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal, Hedge fund legends & the investors of tomorrow. Connect with our CEO for a coffee.

  • 28.09.2018


    Today it is 1 year ago COHERRA registered its HQ in Cph, Denmark.

    It has been an adventure taking us around the world and we are as determined and inspired as ever to unleash the potential of asset management through an open and global platform.

    Thank you, everybody, for your support and participation!

  • 26.09.2018

    The COHERRA vision is to change the diagram of investments.
    By ”Users first” – We commit to building the platform influenced by your demands.
    Please share your preferences and experience with us –>

  • 17.09.2018

    Very appropriate location to discuss globalization and digitalization impact on asset management through technologies

  • 11.09.2018

    Shared vision. COHERRA is in Switzerland, opening our new representation in crypto valley, Zug. Visiting innovators and establishment this morning. Technology is leading our way

  • 27.08.2018

    The COHERRA timetable for the next period –>

  • 17.08.2018

    We have a new feature that makes the fund onboarding process easier & faster. On our blog, you can now register your fund, digitally sign the contract & pay the onboarding fee. All in one place —> 

  • 2.08.2018

    コヘラ10k – Innovation pushes boundaries. The new ambitious COHERRA development project in association with our partners in Japan. More to come soon…

  • hiroshi nishino, japan 25.07.2018

    We are delighted to welcome Mr. Hiroshi Nishino to our Advisory Board.

    Mr. Nishino brings a distinct expertise on digitalization and business development in Japan and we are honoured that he continues supporting our initiative.

    Mr. Nishino will assist Coherra and our Tokyo team, in particular, to achieve our vision and ambitions in the COHERRA Japanese venture.

  • tokyo, streets, night, business, fintech 19.07.2018

    COHERRA management is visiting the Tokyo team to take a leap in our Japanese initiative.

  • 17.07.2018

    We are welcoming Anderson Correia, who has more than 15 years of experience with sales and the last 10 years in the financial market developing business in the major countries in Latin America and dealing directly with foreign brokers and Investment Banks. Anderson is also the responsible for the creation and co-founder of YouTrading.Com, one of the most important content /educational portal in Latin America.

    For the past 2 years, Anderson has dedicated himself on helping traders and financial institutions in Brazil to develop higher performances by adjusting the trading mindset. Anderson joins our Coherra LATAM arm of business intelligence & development and will service our partners from our São Paulo representation. Please reach out to Anderson directly on his email –>

  • request access, demonstrator, form 16.07.2018

    Either you are an investor, institution, fund manager, regulator, etc., you are invited to our platform demonstrator –> request access by using our new feature on the COHERRA blog:

  • 13.07.2018

    The blochchain developer and trusted member of our advisory board, Robert Allen (PwC) made his way from Australia to Coherra HQ. New initiatives are in the making.

  • 5.07.2018

    We have just released our new corporate website – find info about us, our platform, register your fund, contact us or apply for a job –> all in one place. Looking forward to getting your feedback!

  • 23.06.2018

    We round up an intense fintech week in Copenhagen. A great program and int. show up. We are honoured for the visits, attention and meetings regarding our COHERRA vision. Truly inspired to go back and continue to execute on Monday.

  • yusuke kanzaki, japan, representation 15.06.2018


    To support and accelerate the Japanese adoption of the COHERRA vision, we welcome our newest member to our team, Yusuke Kanzaki.

    Mr. Kanzaki who holds a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA will lead our progress in Tokyo and link between our customers, partners and innovation initiatives.

    Please feel free to contact Mr. Yusuke Kanzaki at

  • 14.06.2018

    industrial revolution, third

    Yesterday our trusted advisor Michael Moeller from UN visited us in Copenhagen.

    We had the opportunity to discuss the birth and performance by impact and sustainable investments. And we got to compare takes from the two recent conferences we attended.

    In Geneva, the third industrial revolution was declared at a very early stage by Jeremy Rifkin at the Global Investment Forum and in San Francisco, the fourth industrial revolution was already discussed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution Institute.

    Regardless of which – Change through digitalization is here – and accelerating

  • warit kathong, south east asia 7.06.2018

    Welcome! It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mr Warit Kathong to our COHERRA mission in Asia. Mr Kathing comes with vast experience from the asset management industry in Japan. Both as an asset manager and asset allocator.

    Mr Kathong will have his primary focus to leverage COHERRA’s presence in Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. Please contact Mr Kathong directly on

  • global investment forum 5.06.2018

    COHERRA will join a group of innovative thinkers from financial markets in Geneva this week.

    We participate in the discussions of digitalization at this incredible event, Global Investment Forum on June 8th and 9th.

    This year the headline is “Building an efficient world”.

    Reach out to us if you are in town.

  • coh-lab, laboratory, coherra 17.05.2018

    COH-LAB is our effort to share our vision and ideas for designing and building the Coherra platform together with trusted partners in the fintech industry, and at the same time benefit from our partners’ experience and know-how in the field. This site is organized as a set of experiments, with each experiment having a hypothesis that establishes the context, and a desired goal or outcome.

  • 17.05.2018


  • 17.05.2018

    Ranging from a 10.000 mutual fund service provider through a usd 700 mln start up quant fund who changed the game by changing conventional distribution to a 40 mln customer telecom supplier who enters financial services.  Software is the lead. Japan has certainly proved to be everything we came for and more. Coherra is hiring and will be back in July.

  • japan, time 13.05.2018

    Timing – COHERRA vision shared in Japan this week 🇯🇵

  • 10.05.2018

    “COHERRA is back working in Tokyo next week, creating new ventures and alliances.

    We commit by putting feet on the ground and look forward taking the next leap forward with our developing partners – and to meet with true progressive pioneers in Fintech”

    Contact us for meetings at

  • office, coherra, pier47 8.05.2018

    COHERRA has just inaugurated the new office space in Copenhagen. You can now find us at the brand new Pier47, by the beautiful waterfront in Nordhavn.

  • coherra, development plan 30.04.2018

    37 000 lines of code done✅. Now bigger initiatives are in the making.

  • sara johansen, scandinavia, sales 24.04.2018

    Bringing CEO level expertise from the hedge fund industry and international banking with Citi Bank, we are pleased Sara Johansen has chosen to join the COHERRA mission in our Copenhagen HQ.

  • arturo mora rioja, coherra, front end 17.04.2018

    Coherra is excited to welcome Arturo Mora Rioja to the team in Hellerup! Being a Spanish native and recently relocated to Copenhagen, Arturo will be working in application front-end development, and also help with Spanish localization of the software and platform content.

  • borsen, stock exchange, copenhagen 12.04.2018

    The 400-year-old stock exchange in Denmark seems an appropriate location to discuss EU – Japan EPA trade agreement and celebrate the 150-year-old trade relation. COHERRA participates in the forum to discuss the digital bridge and financial markets

  • 9.04.2018

    Today, we have officially launched the alpha version of our COHERRA platform with our innovation partners. Welcome to the Pioneers.  For more information –

  • laboratory, henrik 7.04.2018

    Rocket Science Expertise – Ahead of Monday’s exciting launch of the COHERRA platform for partners and pioneers, our CTO, Henrik Schultz shares his vast experience with the Copenhagen team on how he spends his spare time. Building rockets in his basement which he and his team sends into space with military precision. From zero to Mach1 in 5 seconds – and welcome them back with soft landings by homemade parachutes, we are ready for Monday liftoff. COHERRA – The platform of opportunities

  • 26.03.2018

    “Banks are not tech companies. They are clients of tech companies” – Ronit Ghose from Citi Bank, visiting Copenhagen Fintech Lab

  • 23.03.2018

    Sign up for the COHERRA platform!

  • 23.03.2018

    COHERRA and Nomura Research Institute now onboard a group of pioneer funds and institutions for test in our COH-LAB. Get your fund and financial content tested with a truly global audience. All asset classes are welcome for an universal selection. Creating reach.

  • developer ad, front end developer 19.03.2018

    Front End developer needed

  • 12.03.2018

    In São Paulo for the World Economic Forum – Our founder, Soren and the COHERRA LATAM team is here all week.

  • 9.03.2018

    COHERRA visits our LATAM partners with a team working out of São Paulo all week. Do contact us for meetings.

  • interview, cio, saxo bank 4.03.2018

    COHERRA was the first to speak to STRONGHOLD. Very interesting perspectives.

    New quant fund from Saxo Bank CIO Steen Jakobsen and his team.

    Still innovating.

  • 1.03.2018

    Recording day at COHERRA HQ

  • fintech india, financials 1.03.2018

    ‘Reimagining Customer Experience’ is the hottest topic on the fintech scene at FintegrateZone

  • 28.02.2018

    Berlin workshop. COHERRA is tapping into the wealth of industry knowledge with our advisory board member Dianna Raedle.

  • 23.02.2018

    COHERRA will be present at the Fintegrate Zone 2018 in Mumbai from Feb 27-March 1st.

    Reach out to our new partner, Mr. Sunil Shirole at for meetings.

  • japan, fintech, collaboration 22.02.2018

    Front entry to the development collaboration in Japan

  • 9.02.2018

    COHERRA week round up: representatives from India visited and MOU is signed with Yen Capital Partners from Mumbai. True visionaries.

    As for content, 3 out of 3 fund managers from London signed up to the COHERRA Beta platform to get their visual identity tested and matched around the world. We welcome all the new members to the COHERRA platform.

  • 7.02.2018

    COHERRA will be working in London on Wednesday, February 7 and Thursday, February 8. Contact us for meetings!

  • fintech, india, denmark, coherra 6.02.2018

    Thank you for joining the COHERRA vision. Straight out of institutional banking – Indian innovators to service the local growth market

  • 1.02.2018

    February opens our COH-LAB. A development initiative where we innovate and test technologies in global scale. Security protocols are installed and invitation codes soon to be distributed to our business and university partners.

  • new team members 1.02.2018

    The COHERRA team is happy to welcome Michael Ha and Laura D’Angeli, who will be focusing on the visuals & aesthetics of our fintech platform.

  • saxo bank hq, saxo bank 23.01.2018

    COHERRA is back inside Saxo Bank HQ, where financial innovation and democratization started.

  • 11.01.2018

    A significant global COH-LAB initiative engineered by COHERRA’s computer scientist Mika Yasuoka is official – launch Feb 1st. 2018. Denmark, Japan and Switzerland kick off. For more info contact:

  • 9.01.2018

    Coherra is back in Zurich on Thursday and Friday for new ventures.

  • 5.01.2018

    Cardano rockets through $1 and $30 bln market cap. Thats 50X since we last celebrated in September 17. We are very pleased to have Charles Hoskinson onboard.

  • 3.01.2018

    The COHERRA team wishes to all our partners a very Happy New Year. We are looking forward to share important developments, new initiatives and partnerships in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for a very exciting 2018!

  • 21.12.2017

    Bitcoin City – backstage @ Buenos Aires blockchain developer scene – ATIX LAB

  • lunch zurich 18.12.2017

    COHERRA is in Zurich to have lunch with its past, present and future of financial innovation.

  • 9.12.2017

    Master class and vision from COHERRA’s chief crypto advisor, Charles Hoskinson –>

  • 4.12.2017

    Living in Copenhagen, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mika Yasuoka now supports our Japanese initiative in Japanese.

    Coherra will be in Tokyo Dec 13th and 14th 2017.


  • 30.11.2017

    We are hiring! If you are a motivated & innovative User Experience Designer and want to work with colleagues with global experience (eg. Sillicon Valley, PayPal, Amazon), please check the full announcement on our blog –>

  • global exposure 30.11.2017

    2017 COHERRA Global Footprints:

    Abu Dhabi, Denmark, Dubai, France, India, Italy, Japan, Qatar,
    Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA…

    … Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay to round up in December

  • 8.11.2017

    We are now on Twitter: follow us for the latest updates –>


  • 4.11.2017

    Real Content. Coherra initiates new collaboration of serious content for our platform users. We are proud to work with innovator and disruptor of financial media RealVision –>



  • 3.11.2017

    In the following days you can meet our team in Bangalore, Mumbai & Singapore.

  • 2.11.2017

    The first version of COHERRA Platform’s blueprint has been drafted.

  • 1.11.2017

    Work in progress. More video content to come soon –>


  • 27.10.2017

    Copenhagen development team making progress on the COHERRA Web front-end. The first screens are now live on both desktop and mobile!

  • 24.10.2017

    The COHERRA team welcomes Tamer Alwarei as front-end Web developer in our Copenhagen office. Tamer will be working on creating our first live version of the COHERRA product.

  • 23.10.2017

    Blockchain basics –

    Secure and transparent –

    Why Coherra embraces and develops blockchain technology


    Ted Talk – Bettina Warburg

  • design workshop, office design 17.10.2017

    10.12.2017 – Design Workshop in Copenhagen. Our creative wizard and design lead Michael McKay took us through an intensive and inspiring day, continuing the lay the groundwork for our first COHERRA platform demonstrator.

  • 17.10.2017
  • 10.10.2017

    We are now looking for a Front-End Web Developer to be part of our team. Please find more details under the ‘Careers’ section.

  • 7.10.2017

    Next Friday (Oct. 13) we are having a Design Workshop in Hellerup, where we will work on the COHERRA platform design, with invited specialists.

  • blockhaus hq, blockhaus, coherra 5.10.2017

    Zurich Today – Blockhaus HQ

  • 3.10.2017

    We congratulate our COHERRA advisor Charles Hoskinson with the successful float of the Cardano tokens (ADA) yesterday.

    On Bittrex the ADA market cap rose from USD 63M to USD 600M.

  • 2.10.2017

    Coherra opens additional Copenhagen office space in Hellerup.

    Our tech development team is now leaded by CTO Henrik Schultz will be located on Strandvejen 125, 2900 Hellerup.

  • 27.09.2017

    We would like to congratulate our advisor Sacha Pictet and his wife with the birth of their daughter in Miami last week.

  • 27.09.2017

    On Monday Oct 3rd Aron McDonald will join from Centrality to lead the Blockchaus Asset Management tech team into the next stage of our crypto venture. We will make formal introductions later.

    A 9 month strict process will begin and reach for new standards of tokenization in asset management. You will hear much more about this shortly.

  • 27.09.2017

    In Coherra we welcome Henrik Schultz as the new CTO for Coherra in Denmark. Henrik will take control of the architecture of our platform and build his team in Denmark and global partnerships to lead the tech team towards an MVP launch in Q1 2018. Henrik will together with Michael McKay be the leaders of our Hackathon in November 2017. Formal introduction will follow later.

  • 27.09.2017

    In Zug we are proud to have entered an agreement with our partner Blockhaus to lead our blockchain initiative, Blockhaus Asset Management. Further we are excited that our advisor Charles Honskinson from IOHK has committed to participate in the join venture and assist on the architecture together with his super team in IOHK.

  • 7.09.2017

    New Investment platform Standards –

    Knowledge, Inspiration, Transparency and Compliance.


    Full stack democratization

  • 6.09.2017

    Spend at least 10 minutes here for crypto knowledge –>

  • 6.09.2017

    Building the new website. Get input to our inbox –>

  • 30.08.2017

    Please feel free to engage and shoot ideas our way.

  • 30.08.2017
    Welcome to the Coherra blog – Our team will post Coherra and industry related updates, news, events and milestones in this forum.