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The Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) is a non-profit organisation with a single mission of making awareness about global impact investment out of Switzerland. Over the last three and half years SIIA has grown into a network-of-networks including all stakeholders of society who seek to collaborate for common social and environmental goals by means of investing and entrepreneurship.  SIIA’s mission is to showcase investable solutions to global challenges and to connect partners to make them happen. SIIA believes that entrepreneurs shape our world by what they do, and investors determine which future to invest in.

SIIA’s mantra is “seeing is believing” and Coherra is a unique platform that allows SIIA to showcase investment opportunities which impact our society positively. SIIA and Coherra are collaborating to develop an impact investment platform that will help make awareness about investments that in addition to offering positive returns to investors will also provide solutions to social and environmental issues in our society and thereby help achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Klaus-Michael Christensen, president of SIIA announced in December 2018 that “SIIA/Coherra’s digital media platform is the ideal storytelling platform for entrepreneurs to explain the impact in “impact investment” to impact investors and will become the preferred platform for impact investors to present their impact demands for their investment capital. It is SIIA’s endeavour to provide a platform that will enable investors to easily find profitable investment opportunities that they are passionate about thereby accelerating impact in our society