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COHERRA is Münich bound.

It has been a massive week with a number of new strategic partnerships, asset managers joining our network and industry leading subscribing to our pioneer program.  We will soon be introducing them to our network.

Through the lens of evolution theory is all about value creation fueled by intelligence – knowledge comes from engagement. It’s the most adoptive species surviving not the biggest, fastest or strongest. Our new partners range from single manager offices to multi bln dollar blue chip names – On the same evolutionary path.

We are looking forward to share much more details on how we build and engage in a trust dependent eco system. Thank you all for getting onboard.

Our new employee Philip Kopman in Miami had a vicious hurricane visiting his office and had to evacuate his family to midland on his first week at work. Philip is back and ready to serve his community and business development.

On the road to the USD 100 mln mark our new Pioneer member Frontier Ventures in Silicon Valley has raised the first USD 10 mln, allocated into 3 new investments and has 7 in the pipeline. Execution matters – Chapeau Dima, Dmitry Alimov and Steven Hellman. More on these excellent Frontiers to be shared soon.

COHERRA’s Series A round has come off to a strong start and next week our CEO Soren Haestrup will visit Munich and Frankfurt expanding our reach and partnerships to a highly technical driven community. Again with the excellent assistance from the Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs our Coherra business dev team will meet with asset managers, financial institutions, exchanges, VC’s, family offices and polo players between Sept 11th-15th.

Reach out if we forgot someone to see or to meet for a beer in the area.