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Welcome to Rasmus Gronning.

We are truly happy that Rasmus Gronning is joining COHERRA to stir our growth and scale strategy.

Rasmus has worked with strategy, growth and ventures for 20 years and is the managing partner in his own company, Strategy Office (, which helps companies develop and execute ambitious growth and transformation strategies.

Clients include software giant SimCorp in Denmark who is a world top five provider of financial back – to front end software solutions.

Further Rasmus is an investor and advisor to selected early stage growth companies such as Dreamlake (

In the past Rasmus has been involved in a number of ventures and headed scale and spin off INTTRA ( from A. P Moeller, the world’s largest neutral shipping platform. He went onto head another corporate venture, a cloud based supply chain management solution, , which was adopted by many of the world’s largest retail, sports, clothing and consumer electronics brands, such as Walmart, Target, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Sony and Canon.

In Coherra, Rasmus will support us in the areas of strategy for scale, strategic capital raising and developing partnerships.

I am super excited about joining the Coherra team. The idea is brilliant, and the platform will unlock massive new opportunities, insights and value for investors and asset managers as well as the larger financial eco-system. I think of how platforms and aggregators like LinkedIn, YouTube, Netflix and Spotify have completely reshaped and transformed their industries. Then I imagine Coherra doing the same for investing over the next 10 years – platforming it, democratizing it, individualizing it, socializing it, adding intelligence, relevance and even fun to it. In my view, it’s one of those ideas where there’s no end in sight in terms of its potential”.