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AI as a colleague – a source to create magic

Large corporations rather than startups would benefit much more from applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their core, as they have loads more historic data to be crunched for future predictive purposes.

However, large corporations also suffer from legacy issues and processes not geared for today’s hyperspeed and they are slow to adapt new frontier technology and this certainly holds true for the financial sector, not least due to regulations and new compliance requirements.

However, while compliance and regulatory rules gets most of the blame for the lack of innovation, the real reason often lies in the processes and mindsets of these large organisations. In financial services, the transaction has always been the fulcrum and scoreboard, however, in the new platform economy the transaction is secondary to data, predictive analysis and delivering results with unforeseen accuracy.

This is why fintech is and will experience a sonic boom of startups innovating new AI-based business models that simply put, could not have been developed in existing structures within large KPI-driven organisations.

Coherra is such a startup, positioned to become part of the financial services ecosystem as a juggernaut designed to be the platform of choice for fund- and asset managers all over the world. Coherra will be the most comprehensive collection of investment opportunities ever seen and while this vision is cool, it is only realizable through the use of AI and machine learning in particular.

The next level of the Coherra platform is just around the corner, new tech-forces have joined the company and soon we will be crunching loads and loads of data, to present the most relevant analysis tool and content platform ever seen. At Coherra we view AI as a colleague, an invaluable source able to fliter irrelevant data and only provide the suggestions needed to make sound investment decisions. Like LinkedIn is the tool of choice for recruiters and Netflix is the go-to-platform for movie-buffs.

Data and content is the heart and soul of Coherra. We do not measure success in transactions and while this to veterans of the financial sector can sound incomprehensible, to us and the new generation of money-folks it is clear as daylight.

Soon we will present the new lineup of AI-capacities joining Coherra, till then don’t forget: AI as a colleague is an invaluable source that can help create magic and filter all irrelevant data. Our data intelligence is open to the ecosystem and deliverable to the very institutions still operating on proprietary solutions.

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