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Platform economies: Subscription to data and research – a Netflix for data – is Goldman Sachs’ newest bet?

According to, investors may soon be paying monthly subscription fees to Wall Street banks in much the same way they subscribe to Netflix or Spotify. Wow, how nerdy is that!

In a recent LinkedIn posting Goldman Sachs was describing the responsibilities as; the person will work with the head of “data as a service” — the shorthand term to describe the industry’s efforts — to design new products, develop a sales pipeline, and work with clients.

Goldman Sachs known for having 20/20-foresight when it comes to anticipating market trends and new revenue streams will in this new service according to the LinkedIn posting; design and execute the distribution of GS’ analytics, alerts, proprietary data, and risk/pricing models in a direct-$-for service/subscription model globally, including design and implementation of sales pipeline tracking framework.

In other words investors willing to pay a subscription fee will be able to access top-shelf state of the art research and analyses from the Wall Street white shoe firm, in an attempt to not only create a new revenue stream, but also democratize this proprietary data.

At Coherra we love this as the underlying idea is mirrored in Coherra’s value proposition. Where we differ from Goldman however, is Coherra is a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform that in addition to data allow fund managers to present their investment opportunities to the patrons of Coherra via video among other channels. In Netflix terms, our catalogue of content will far surpass that of any other CaaS platform therebyproviding perspective and engaging in a dialogue rather than merely pushing data and analysis.

That said, we are thrilled Goldman with its muscle is going down our road as it will bring more attention to our field of business. The platform economy is growing rapidly and we are well positioned to reap the benefits within the investment community, as demand is growing and supply is scarce.

At Coherra we are a communications company thinking like a media company with the content presented by the funds on the platform, as our single most important product. To succeed our content must always be highly relevant, inspirational and tailored to each viewer’s needs and we aim to bring answers to questions not yet asked. Nothing less.

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