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The power of video, the power of connections – the power of COHERRA

Coherra promises discovery, engagement, and connections. And we deliver on the promise.

The Coherra Pioneer Program creates a network where different parties can be introduced and gain new, beneficial partnerships.

We also know the future is digital. Asset managers need to meet investors in the digital sphere and provide them with engaging and educational content.

Making authentic content is essential for connectivity. Asset managers need to share their own vision in order to build trust and receive the mandate to manage the money of other people and institutions.

Cathie Wood of Ark Investment knows it as well. On top of being an experienced professional, she is also a great communicator, using video content and storytelling to explain her vision and engage.

That is why we presented her as the asset manager of the future on our platform.

And after we published her profile, the magic of connectivity happened.

A fintech investor and entrepreneur reached out to Coherra asking for an introduction to Cathie. The way she communicated her vision appealed to him. Now, he would like to invest in her funds.

The story of a single connection proves two things.

Firstly, stories do sell, and videos are the best way to tell these stories. A video profile on the vision of Ark Invest and Cathie Wood generated the desired outcome – engagement.

Secondly, Coherra’s value is in building connections. With our global and open eco-system, we aim to create visibility, engagement, and suitable matchmaking between investors and asset managers.

Stories like these prove we can.

Coherra will do the work. All you need to do is reach out to us, engage – and enjoy the connection.

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