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Coherra – enabling access to insights

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Right now, there are two black swans – the coronavirus and a financial meltdown. They may be highly correlated and affected by each other. What is clear is that they are happening at the same time, and the impacts on the financial world are major.

Multiple managers in our network, like Raoul Pal (click here to see video) or Russel Thompson, have been vocal about these developments for over a month. The Coherra community has been sending out warnings and has been successful in assessing the situation and predicting where the markets are headed.

We have been able to share the information with our network – but have the investors of major financial institutions been given access to these insights?

The reality is that most institutions are not as open to sharing insights as independent asset managers are.

But those who invest need to know the information is out there – and they need access to it.

This is our mission in Coherra.

We enable the investors to access video content from the smartest minds among asset managers. We allow them to share their insights and distribute them to new platforms and through various institutions directly to the communities where investors operate.

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Financial advisors need to stay informed as well. It is their obligation to their clients – and Coherra provides the tools for them to service this obligation.

The need for information is growing on all fronts in these volatile times.

We select, curate and distribute video content to platforms and different institutions so that the information is spread globally with intelligence.

We will also be producing video insights and recommendations from our pioneers and asset managers.

Reach out to us to learn more – this is the need Coherra fulfills.

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