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Embrace the digital age – embrace video storytelling

The future of the investing world is digital – and video-based.

There will be almost 5 billion Internet users in 2022 and video viewing will represent 82% of online traffic (Cisco). 

The effects of video marketing are already visible today. Companies that use videos document 41% more traffic from search and increase revenue 49% faster than those that do not (Vidyard & Aberdeen Group).

Why is that?

Stories sell. And videos tell the most engaging ones

Data-driven intelligence is crucial for the selection of suitable funds for investors. Videos are ideal for creating an immediate, personal connection – watching asset managers talk about their vision adds a layer of trust. 

Narratives are more engaging and relatable than data – and the immediacy of video contact is an opportunity for continuous engagement.

COHERRA matches this vision. It gives asset managers the platform and tools to distribute compelling fund videos, financial entertainment or masterclasses, and to reach and engage investors.

Today, data companies are not only communicating through videos – but they are also becoming video content hubs and news agencies.

To be innovative, engaging and trustworthy, asset managers need video content.







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