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Coherra adds Teres Global to its visionary collection of partners

Coherra is the video-based technology platform where financial institutions, funds and fund managers present and position their investment products to a global pool of investors. Partnering with Teres Global is an important step in making the World’s most comprehensive collection of investment opportunities available on a unified platform to investors worldwide.

Søren Haestrup, founder and CEO Coherra:

“The internet, mobile and rise of video streaming and machine learning are combining to change the model for distribution and discovery of investment products as well as the format through which sell-side and buy-side engage one another. Coherra is right at the centre of this tectonic shift, leveraging these technologies and the playbooks of Netflix, Spotify and LinkedIn to create the next game for investment product distribution and investor engagement”

On Coherra, investors can discover new opportunities and relevant investment themes without drowning in noise, based on our understanding of their preferences, interests and goals. In turn, asset managers can leverage our investor behaviour data to determine what investment products they should be offering to which segments, and how they should position these to win.

Søren Haestrup, founder and CEO Coherra: 

“Partnering with an experienced and savvy group of investment professionals such as Teres Global and their partners is a level up for us. Coherra gets relevant first-hand feedback as well as data that will help us put an even better product in the hands of the investor, enabling him/her to go from sorting through the noise to find relevant offerings to discovering and assessing investment opportunities based on his/her profile and preferences”

Teres Global is a business located in financial centres around the world, which has been structuring and delivering financial content for more than 25 years, mostly for large investment banks and asset managers.

Managing partner Nicolas Thomet spent 17 years at Citi, most recently as Global Head of CitiFX Investment Strategies, before joining Teres Global earlier this year:

“Technology and regulation of the financial industry is changing at an unprecedented pace and it is our job to stay at the forefront of this development by identifying investment and marketing opportunities for our clients and partners. As agents we will advise our clients to get on the Coherra platform to raise their profile and presence, and strengthen their brands further, using Coherra’s video-first content platform to engage investors”.

Nicolas Thomet continues:

“In Coherra we have found a partner who’ve developed a platform, or rather a new distribution channel, where our clients and partners can present their own investment opportunities to a highly relevant audience. As a technology driven investment and advisory firm, we will get market intelligence from the Coherra platform that will further improve our capabilities. We are truly excited about this new collaboration”.

Contact information:

Soeren Haestrup, Founder and CEO

Telephone:      +45 31 43 40 88


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