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A responsible partnership

Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) and global investment platform Coherra has joined forces to accelerate a joint vision of creating a universal platform for impact investments. To realize this vision we have put together a comprehensive collection of impact investment opportunities to promote and position this particular branch of investing.

Together we trust this destination can be reached faster and help to engage and educate global citizens by investing through the means of cutting edge technology and shared values, in opportunities previously available only on a small scale.

Impact investments, or responsible investments if you will are growing rapidly and while this is a trend across all segments, it is captained by the Millennials; a group of conscious digital natives who look at investments differently than the generations before them.

Being digital natives Millennials weigh and evaluate investment opportunities differently than generations before them. They have different reference points and they are highly critical of e.g., environmental decisions made on their behalf and this is why Impact investing will be of particular importance to this segment, a segment who happens to also represent the future leadership of our planet.

Together SIIA and Coherra has created this joint technology platform for impact investment funds, where they can present their content and investment materials in a new modern way, including video, streaming and live presentation. It is not unlike the transition in the travel industry, where we moved from booking hotels and airfare on branded sites to largely booking everything on platforms such as or

We believe that by building a strong impact investment community gathered in one place like the booking platforms, it will strengthen the access and rationale for Millennials and investment managers alike to include impact investments in their portfolios, particularly in those looking for a purpose larger than a mere monetary return-on-investment.

While impact investing is still largely considered a branch for the first movers, it is a clear ambition of this partnership between SIIA and Coherra that our platform will support a movement of investors, looking to make a responsible difference for the planet while in the process, securing solid returns for their investors.

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