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Coherra’s technology in use for new global initiative

Dear cohorts of Coherra,

Ahead of the holidays we have some exiting news to share.

In our quest to attract the entire ecosystem of investors to the most comprehensive collection of investment opportunities, we have taken a big step.

Together with Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) Coherra has joined forces to significantly strengthen our offering in the field of impact investing.

Impact investing has really picked up its pace recently and demand is rapidly increasing. And to make certain we have the best curated selection of Impact investment opportunities, our partnership with SIIA and number of institutions and prolific institution we will deliver just that; a handpicked selection of the best impact investment opportunities to be found anywhere on the planet.

Together we can reach our destination faster and help engage and educate global citizens by investing through the means of technology and shared values. The ultimate objective is to generate a trusted community based network with global standards.

SIIA and Coherra has created a joint platform for impact investment funds to present their content and investment materials. We believe that by building a strong impact investment community gathered in one place, it will strengthen the desire to invest.

If Impact Investments is your thing or if you want to explore this category further, please go to for more information about this initiative about investment opportunities designed to not only deliver solid returns but also to make the world a better place to live and work.

Happy holidays from the Coherra team!

To solve problems on a global scale, we need global capital pools to respond. This means that, alongside the pioneering investors already allocating for impact, we need impact investment to find its formal place within institutional portfolios.

Allocating for Impact | Subject Paper of the Asset Allocation Working Group

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