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Update from the 20th and 21st March in London.

KYC level 2.0.

The leaders within asset management will initiate new services and cater to their investors at a whole new level. This need became blatantly clear during the presentations and our meetings in London. Going forward true differentiation will not be anchored in products alone, rather, targeted content and actionable data points for decision making will likely be the main levers behind brand differentiation and strategic positioning.

COHERRA’s CEO @Søren Haestrup met with BlackRock to discuss the future of distribution, data intelligence for segmentation and customer engagement, and the ever increasing need for relevant content from 3rd party platforms such as Coherra. The need for targeted content and analysis is growing rapidly, a trend BlackRock as the World’s largest asset manager recognize in full.

BlackRock are on a mission to become the dominant provider of analytics for the global investment industry + increase its revenues from technology. Shortly after our meeting in London BlackRock announced a USD 1,3bn acquisition of French analytics company eFront and showed just how serious they are about 3rd party analytics- and content platforms.