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COHERRA Platform v1.0 – Alpha is here

The Alpha version of the COHERRA platform is now up and running. We invite all the pioneers of financial markets (asset managers, investors, institutions and financial organizations) to participate in this value-driven initiative.

Value is created by the analytical data that the AI behind the system provides to the participants. This will be used by the asset managers in shaping clear and appealing portfolios for investors. Asset managers can learn from the data how to market their funds better, and investors can decrease the risk factor, by being able to analyze, track and benchmark KPIs from different assets and funds.

The software behind the platform is user-centered, as it will be continuously shaped, adjusted and styled according to the users’ needs. The feedback from the pioneers of the platform will be taken into consideration for emerging the COHERRA platform in the further stages.

For more information regarding onboarding, please contact us at the headquarters at or at your local representative office:

Pedro Brigham:

Søren Hæstrup:

Sunil Shirole:
Satish Menon:

Dianna Raedle:

Mika Yasuoka:

Michael McKay:

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